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Which has the best camera

If camera quality is your primary motivation when buying a new smartphone, how do you make an informed choice? With so many reviewers taking their sample images at different times or locations, it’s hard to tell which is best.

Popular UK YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss had a great idea to pit the new iPhone 12 Pro Max against the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, while taking all of the comparison footage at the same time. He did this using a clever dual-clamp rig that let both smartphones take their images from virtually the same point in space.

Then he put both cameras through the same 12 sets of tests, looking at 8K and 4K video, slo-mo, zoom, night mode, and more. You can watch the full testing below, but we’ll summarize for you.

Over the 12 categories, Samsung won five, Apple won three, and four were undecided. The upshot of the 12

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Top Tech Options for Small Businesses – Information Technology Blog

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Running a small business is more than just delivering your products and services while keeping your customers happy. You have to make decisions that affect every department, ensure employees get their jobs done efficiently, control expenses, and keep everything running smoothly. Every business owner faces the same challenges, regardless if you run a retail shop, law office, or a tech startup.

The great thing is there are technology options available to get you up and running and keep you operating effortlessly, such as business telephone services.

VoIP Phone Service

Gone are the days when every employee had a phone plugged into a phone outlet at their desks. New software for voice over internet protocols (VoIP) calls allows your staff to talk to anyone using your internet connection. By taking advantage of VoIP for small business, you can reduce your overhead by including the cost of your

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Coumi ANC-860 earbuds are a perfect all-round option

The Good

High quality sound for phone calls and listening to music

Active noise cancelation means a better immersive experience

Charges in 90 minutes and lasts all day

Comes in black, better aesthetic than Apple Airpods

Reasonable price at $59.99

Water resistant, IPX7 certification

The Bad

Snug fit and heavy, might be unsuitable for running

Does not come charged

Needs disconnecting from devices after each use

I have a confession to make—I’m not one for earbuds.

Ever since the days of my Sony Walkman, I have always preferred over-heads as opposed to pushing something into my earhole. They never usually stay in, especially when on a run, and the quality of the music has usually been sub-par compared to its over-head counterparts.

So when I was asked to review the Coumi ANC-860 earbuds, I accepted knowing in the back of my mind that I would have to force

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How to Teach Kids to Learn to Code – Information Technology Blog

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Learning how to code has become of immense importance in the current digital world, both for adults and kids. Just like early childhood education, coding is a creative and innovative activity that kids can engage in.

While your kid may not be interested in writing intriguing algorithms, the knowledge gained from STEM can steer them into creating games, programs, web development, and other outcomes. Read on to learn how you can teach kids programming.

Why Children Should Learn Coding

Introducing your kids to coding is a good idea because of the following reasons:

It Fosters Problem-Solving Skills

Learning programming helps kids to develop their critical thinking skills and the ability to solve problems. Essentially, programming involves giving instructions to computers to complete specific tasks. By learning programming, kids focus on the bigger picture by breaking down the entire system into small and manageable tasks with logical connections.

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Xbox might have the power, but I’m going with PlayStation 5 for this reason

The next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft have been out for a while now, but we’re only starting to see new games that can take advantage of the huge power leap over the last generation. On paper, the Xbox Series X is the more powerful hardware, but is that all you need for a console?

No, it’s not. We need games, and the overall ecosystem. Let’s take the recently released Hitman 3 for example.

Sure, Hitman 3 runs at 4k/60fps on Xbox Series X, and only 1800p/60fps on the PlayStation 5, but if I wanted to play that at 4K, I’ve got a high-end gaming PC, and then I can play in Ultrawide resolution for extra situational awareness. I’m not knocking the power of the Xbox Series X, far from it. It’s the closest to a PC that a console has been for years, but as I

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