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11 Common macOS Catalina Issues & How To Fix Them?

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It is common for every system to face issues while working. No wonder macOS Catalina can also go through similar problems while running apps, logging into the system, attaching an external device, or upgrading the OS. In fact, some users have reported problems with file transfer and sleep issues that need to be addressed and fixed timely.

macOS Catalina Problems & Their Fixes

Once macOS issues are resolved, the performance of the system improves itself. If you are waiting for more updates by Apple and believe that you can wait for such a long time, you need to brace yourself up right now. Apple updates may help you soon but your will to sort macOS Catalina problems can be solved sooner.

Fix macOS Issue During Installation

When there are issues in downloading and installing the new Catalina, here’re some fixes.

  • Check Compatibility: You may not be able to realize it but if your Mac is old and lacks the necessary hardware for compatibility, you are likely to face errors and compatibility issues.
  • Hard Drive Space: Check if your Mac has enough space to compile the downloaded new version of OS. If you have not enough space, cleanup your mac deeply. For example, 12.5GB space for OS X El Capitan(10.11).
  • Restart The System: If your computer is hanging during the initial setup, you may need to restart the system and find the success of installing OS.

Fix Mac Catalina Login Issues

After installing macOS Catalina, many users have reported login problems. To resolve this, try the following:

  • Turn Off And On Your System: A fresh start is needed by your Mac if there are login issues waiting. You must turn off your system and turn it back on after a few seconds.
  • Reset Admin Account: You can try resetting your admin account using Terminal Prompt. If you want to keep your admin account intact, make sure to remove the file creating issues. Now press Command + S while restarting your system. When the terminal window comes up, type these commands:

/sbin/mount ~uw/

rm /var/db/ .applesetupdone

Exit the terminal now and you will be able to login to your account.

Fix Mac Catalina Peripheral Issues

Sometimes after the update, the peripherals like mouse, keyboard, headphones, etc. don’t work and may need a quick fix solution.

  • Restart: A fresh start by restarting the Mac can act as a one-stop solution, especially for keyboard and mouse.
  • Delete Plist (Preference Files): For different peripherals, different plists could be deleted. Go to Library > Preferences, here (for MOUSE, delete two files named and )

(For BLUETOOTH, delete and (For Finder, delete Now restart the system.

Fix Mac Catalina Issues With Applications

Now that everything is working well in the system, some Mac applications can create a glitch in opening up or running smoothly. In order to fix Catalina issues here, follow the process:

  • Recent Updates For Apps: Open the app store and notice if your app has received an update recently or not. If yes, update it straightaway for smooth running.
  • Compatibility Check: You can find that macOS Catalina does not support 32 bit and is usually in favor of 64-bit apps. As you cannot actually help yourself in this, it is better to find a suitable app for Mac.

Fix MacOS Catalina Issues With Battery Life 

When you start using Catalina, you may find that battery life is taking time to settle down for about 2 days. However, if it keeps consuming your system’s life, make sure that you update all the applications and restart the system.

Now when you bring your cursor on the battery icon, you will find that either the background process area is still working or you need to update/close the apps for more battery life.

Fix MacOS Catalina Wi-Fi Issues

If your Wi-Fi is working and yet you are dealing with Wi-Fi complaints, you can easily fix the issue with easy methods.

Go to the Wi-Fi icon at the top and turn your Wi-Fi off. Turn it on once again after 10-15 seconds and find out if this macOS Catalina known issue is resolved.

Fix MacOS Catalina Issues With Sidecar

When sidecar issues are bothering you, simply restart your device and find if the issue has been resolved. Although you must also know sidecar works with specific hardware like

  • iPad 6 and above
  • iPad Pro models
  • MacBook 2016 and up
  • Mac Mini(2018)
  • iMac Pro 2017 and up

and other devices do not support sidecar features.

Fix MacOS Catalina Issues Of Mail Data Loss

Some users have reported that they received half-written messages or some of the messages are missing from their email. Experts say that if you have already updated your system to Catalina then only Time Machine could bring out previous versions of folders back.

Go to Time Machine, find all the old versions of mails and go to File > Import Mailboxes to select a few mail and import them to Catalina. You will be able to find that messages are absolutely good without affecting the quality of content.

Fix MacOS Catalina Issues On Notifications

When there are no notifications popping up on the screen, there are chances that the notifications are toggled off. All you need to do is re-enable the notifications by opening Settings > clicking on Notifications > click on the particular app > toggle on the Notifications.

In case you want to make any other changes in the application in terms of access, follow the steps like opening System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Files and Folders > and select the app where you want to make changes.


We believe that these macOS Catalina known issues could be now resolved easily and may not hamper your system’s performance any longer. Well, if you are facing any other problems on the same lines, let us know and we will surely cover it up in our other blogs!