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6 Internet Security Tips For 2020

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Providing your mac, laptop or computer system with adequate safety is very important today, in this information technology age. But the reality is that it goes much further than installing and scanning daily with antivirus software.

There are many other things that people need to adhere to in order to make sure that they keep themselves and their systems safe from harmful malware threats. Let’s take a look at some popular internet security tips for 2020.

Using Anti Malware Software

This is the top one and so it will be mentioned first. Using malware protection software on your system is critical, especially today given the huge range of threats out there on the web. Download a reputable one, pay if necessary and scan your system every single day to help keep it safe from threats. Also, don’t be afraid to spend money on these tools as often the paid ones are the best.

Secure Passwords

When you sign up for social media, shopping and internet banking websites, always try to use different passwords for each website. This should be done so that if a hacker steals one password, he/she will not be able to hack into all of your different online accounts. Try to use a combination of upper case, lower case, capitals and special characters for the best results.

Online Shopping Safety

Its no secret that we all enjoy buying things online and its always important that you use only trustworthy shopping sites when buying things. In addition to using trustworthy sites with favorable reviews, users should also only use shopping sites that have the https:// protocol before the domain name. This means that all transactions you make will in fact be secure and this will definitely boost your internet security while making purchases online.

Backing Up Data

This is very important and is something that most people overlook. If you have important data on your system, then you should always have an up to date backup of all these contents on a flash drive or external hard drive. Too often people will have their systems destroyed by a virus or trojan horse and will have to reformat, losing all their information. Act before its too late and back up your personal data as it will save you lots of hassles in the long run.

Safe Web Surfing & Downloading

Be careful where you download files from on the World Wide Web. There are too many websites out there that offer malware infected downloads for users and many people infect their computers by downloading this type of content. The best thing to do is only download from safe websites and scan every single file that you download to your system with an antivirus tool before you open it up. Same goes for email attachments as this is often a medium through which viruses attack computer systems.

Protect Yourself Against Phishing & Virus Attachments

Be wary of any email that requests personal information, especially if the information needed is of a financial nature. A legitimate business or organization would not request sensitive information in an email and banks do not ask for your information unless you contact them.

scam - 6 Internet Security Tips For 2020

Do not feel pressured to provide information based on an email. Phishers commonly use scare tactics. They may threaten to close or disable an account if you don’t respond or delay a service without certain information. If you receive a threatening email, contact the merchant directly by typing in their link to confirm the authenticity of the email.

Educate yourself and your employees about how to avoid email scams.  Phishing scams are done by email spoofing and fraud messaging.  Be careful of opening attachments.  It only takes one click for malware, ransomware, or viruses to take over your system.

For businesses who want to teach their employees, educate, give them exercises, and test them on identifying these types of emails.

Follow these basic internet security tips and your computer should be safer from malware and hacker attacks.

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