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Amazon Prime Video finally lets you assign multiple user profiles

The year is 2020 and Amazon Prime Video is finally giving its users the ability to assign up to six different user profiles per account. That’s it, that’s the news.

While pretty much every other streaming platform on the planet has offered this feature, it’s good to see Amazon step up to the plate and give its users this one little convenience. I mean, on the development side, I can’t imagine this being a hard thing to develop, but in any event, it’s finally here. Welcome to the new world, Amazon.

Having the ability to create multiple user profiles on Amazon Prime Video gives users the option to create their own saved lists, continue watching movies and shows where they left off, and overall, it just makes things a little less chaotic. With so much content available, it’s hard to remember where you left off, especially when you have a bunch of folks using the same account.

This new user feature is rolling out now to users worldwide. If you don’t see it available on your device, update your app, give it a refresh and you should be good to go.

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