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Apple says the new iPad Pro will work with older Magic Keyboards, kind of

Reports have come out that the newest iPad Pro is not compatible with older versions of Apple’s Magic Keyboard. Now, Apple has responded, stating that the new iPad Pro will, in fact, work with older Magic Keyboards, it just may not be a perfect fit.

Apple announced the new iPad Pro at the company’s Spring Loaded event last week, and this new model has some new technology that makes the device slightly thicker than previous models. Unfortunately, that thickness causes some issues when trying to use the Magic Keyboard with the new iPad.

TechRadar initially reported the issue with the new iPad and older Magic Keyboards, and Apple has since responded. Apple stated that the new iPad does actually work with older Magic Keyboard iterations, but there may be some issues due to the extra thickness of the new device. The Magic Keyboard is designed to fold up on an iPad, similar to a notebook laptop, and the new iPad Pro’s thickness may cause issues when trying to close them up.

This isn’t the ideal situation for fans of the new iPad Pro. Magic Keyboards are pricey, and many people aren’t going to like the idea of purchasing a new one to fit their new iPad Pro.

Fortunately, the older Magic Keyboards are confirmed to be functionally compatible with the new iPad Pro, even though they may not be able to be used to their full capacity.

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