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Can you appear offline on Epic Games?

Over the last few years, Epic Games has built up a PC gaming platform that rivals the established giants in the industry, like Steam. The platform took the success of its hit game, Fortnite, and ran with it, creating a brand new game publishing platform with great incentives to draw new games developers.

But with such a quick rise to the top in this category, Epic Games has missed out on the chance for some nice quality of life features that other platforms do a little better.

For starters, Epic’s store is sometimes difficult to navigate and lacks some of the finer tweaking found on other platforms. And your game library can sometimes look like a huge mass of gibberish, compared to the super useful sorting that you find on platforms like Steam.

And what about appearing offline? When you’re gaming on Steam or you have the ability to appear offline, or ‘invisible.’ But what about Epic Games? Can you just hop into a game of Fortnite without everyone on your friends’ list seeing that you’re online?

So, can you appear offline on Epic Games?

Image: KnowTechie

Short Answer: No

Unfortunately, Epic Games hasn’t added an option for users to appear offline when they are gaming. Without this feature, there’s no way for you to hop in an online game without your entire friends’ list seeing that you are online.

There is one workaround that will kind of get the trick done, but it limits what you can do on the platform. Epic will let you browse the platform and play some games in offline mode. That said, the feature is somewhat complicated and pretty limiting. Here’s how you do it:

  1. While logged into your Epic Games account, Click your Avatar in the top right and select Settings

  2. Make sure the Enable Offline Mode Browsing setting is checkedhow to turn on offline mode in epic games

  3. Disconnect your PC from the internet and shut down Epic Games completely

  4. Reload Epic Games and enter your email address to sign into offline mode

  5. You’ll have access to your library and any games that can be played offline

As you can see, the only way to appear offline on Epic Games is to actually go offline. Not super convenient if you’re looking to hop into an online experience without your friends knowing. It’s also worth checking out if the game you’re playing has an offline appearing option.

Nevertheless, this will let you remain incognito when you’re playing games that don’t require you to be online. That’s got to be worth something, right? No? Yea, you’re right, probably not.

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