Review: Tula mic and standalone recorder

The Good


Solid active noise cancellation

Cardioid and Omni capsules, and a Lav input that doubles as a headphone monitoring jack

Records two files when using ANC – one with and one without

Use as standalone recorder or as USB-C mic

The Bad

Some control icons duplicated on both sides (with different functions assigned)

It seems there’s no end to new startups putting their debut devices on crowdfunding sites. We’re looking at one today, the Tula Microphone, from Tula Mics. It’s a standalone audio recorder with a decidedly retro feel, that also doubles as a USB-C microphone.

The Tula Microphone raised over $400k on Indiegogo at the end of last year, and we’ve got a production model to put through its paces. We’ll go through the specs, how it sounds, and more. Is this retro-futuristic mobile recorder up to modern requirements?

So, what’s it all about?

Image: Joe Rice-Jones
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The best desk toys to stave off your existential dread

For those of you who have transitioned into work from home arrangements as the pandemic continues, you’re probably settled into a fairly productive routine by now. Well, besides the interruptions from other members of your household, and the interminable video meetings that never seem to end.

While we’ve covered how to set up your home office, and small quality-of-life upgrades, that’s still all aimed at keeping you productive while you’re working. It’s time to take a step back and look at those gadgets that are perfect for taking a recuperative break – the humble desk toy.

I’m always looking for new gizmos to grace my desk since I’m a natural fidgeter, so keeping my attention is always a struggle. Here are some of the best desk toys that I’ve found over the years.

Your desk deserves some toys, here are the best

Whether you’re a fiddler or just want something

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5 Tips To Maximize Your Productivity When Working Remotely – Information Technology Blog

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While it is easy for some persons to transition from the office to working remotely, others find it challenging. Learning how to work from home comfortably is essential if you desire to be efficient with your work.

Even though there are many distractions at home, you can still be as productive as if you were in a physical office.

There are many different websites in which you can find remote jobs, and below, you will find tips on how to optimize your productivity when you’re working remotely. Whether it’s working for a few days or permanently, these tips should help you work comfortably at home.

Create a workspace in which you can focus

It is best to find a workspace dedicated to your work, somewhere in which you can focus. Somewhere where you won’t be distracted by anyone while working. You do so by putting a no

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Bleep is Intel’s new AI that wants to monitor hate speech

For some unknown reason, Intel, the company known as one of the biggest computer chip producers in the world, has unveiled a new AI called Bleep in its GDC 2021 Showcase, complete with sliders and toggles to try and monitor and block out certain levels of hate speech in online gaming chats. Why the computer chip company felt they needed to break out into this industry is anyone’s guess.

So, let’s break this down a little bit. Intel has managed to develop itself into one of the top computer chip producers in the world, with its name on PCs and laptops everywhere. For whatever reason, the company has decided that its expertise in the computer chip field has led them to develop Bleep, an AI that aims to put a stop to one of the all-time known facts about the internet: some people are just assholes.

Let me shift gears

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CBD And Technology: How They Are Related? – Information Technology Blog

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Cannabidiol (CBD) has become the most-talked-about substance whose market is growing explosively. In the last five years, it has become a household remedy used to relieve health-related ailments.

Demand for CBD is exceeding expectations, and technology has played a significant role. The CBD industry is projected to grow over the next few years due to changing consumer needs and increased demands for CBD products. Here is how technology is reshaping the CBD industry.

Tech-Centered CBD farming

Tech firms are stepping in to make cannabis farming processes more efficient. Today, there are machines and equipment designed to speed up tasks such as potting and planting. Cultivation of cannabis plants is expensive and tedious since it needs special attention to grow properly. Companies that cultivate the plant indoors have benefited from highly efficient equipment that improves the cultivation.

Moreover, technology has transformed the cultivation process through LED bulbs that

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