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Video Transport powers remote production for Lucca Comics & Games

Weave Creative Media is a video production company in Milan, Italy, originally focused on servicing brands—not just streaming, but also commercials, short films and branded content. The last two years the company has been doing more and more broadcasts in the area of esports and rapidly learning new technologies, such as NDI®. For instance, Weave produced the finals of the SRO E-Sport GT Series held in Barcelona this September and hosted the most viewed stream on Twitch Italy that hit more than 500,000 viewers.

We had a conversation with Nicholas Boscarello, who was recently in charge of the official Twitch studio at Lucca Comics & Games—the most important fair in Europe for comics, games, cosplay and video games. With the help of Video Transport it was possible to receive feeds from 8 locations to the main studio, where conversations with guests would be occasionally interrupted by scheduled live streams reporting … Read more

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Storm the House 2

Typical Storm the House, shoot the enemies before they get the chance to destroy your base. You add gunmen, repair men, a silo, and have a wide selection of weapon upgrades. By about the 30th round if you upgraded properly you can, for the most part anyways, sit back and let your employees do the job for you. At round 40 you win, but the game let’s you continue if you want, and gives you a special bonus if you do, but I’m not going to tell you what that is, wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

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Gaming MMORPG MOBA Science Strategy

Dying Light has a baby-safe mode for all you babies

Dying Light is celebrating its fifth year of existence. There will be in-game events, gifts, and lots of zombie killing until March 19th. Whatever your feelings on the parkour undead-kicking adventure, Techland has given fans unwavering support for a much longer time than many other games that launched in 2015. But what if you’re less […]

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MFormats helps premium clients with quality assurance and disaster recovery

A Medialooks video SDK helps premium clients with quality assurance and disaster recovery

Thomas Hohenberger knows video servers. Since the mid-1990s Hohenberger has held service and support positions for some of the industry’s most prominent server supply companies, including the mega manufacturer that evolved from Leitch to Harris to Imagine. But in 2011 he crossed the divide between employee and entrepreneur and started THengineering. Initially focused on developing control software for video servers, the company now provides a media player that serves as a source for quality assurance and disaster recovery applications.

Thomas recently shared his story with us, including the role that a Medialooks SDK has played in the company’s solutions, and his vision for the future of THengineering.

THengineering counts Germany’s largest broadcasters as its customers. Because automation drives the core of these organizations, they have many, many video servers. But what they didn’t have was a mechanism … Read more

Gaming MMORPG MOBA Strategy


Just like the movie …well..not really but…the idea is the same…

your job is to kill zombies. Mostly clown zombies, but there’s also big zombies, flying zombies…and other zombies.

So if you like killin’ zombies this game should be right up your alley.

And unlike our other Zombie games this one is very basic, very easy to play, and it’s the only one that incorporates baseball. 😀

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