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Apple is extending its MacBook Pro Service Program for faulty backlighting

This week Apple extended its 13-inch MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program. As a result, the extended Service Program now covers eligible MacBooks for up to three years after the start of the program or five years after the purchase. One can use whichever is longer for reference. Initially, the program covered only four years after the purchase of the notebook. 

iFixit discovered the uneven backlighting on some models of Macbook Pros, released between 2016 and 2017. The uneven backlight happened because of a much thinner flex cable that easily wore down after repeated opening and closing the lid. 

At the time when it was discovered, news outlets referred to it as “Flexgate.”

Consequently, Apple started its 13-inch MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program in May of 2019. The list of eligible models includes MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) and MacBook Pro (13-­inch, 2016, Two Thunderbolt

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Apple is apparently considering charging people for podcasts

Apple is planning to launch a new subscription service that would charge people to listen to podcasts, reports The Information.

The podcast industry is becoming bigger and bigger as companies like Apple, SiriusXM, Amazon, and Spotify are acutely aware of its potential. In the last few years, they’ve gone above and beyond to grab a larger market share of this upcoming industry.

The top players in the podcast industry had spent hundreds of millions on acquiring podcast companies, attracting popular creators, and developing their platforms. For example, Spotify dropped over $800 million on acquisitions and licensing exclusive rights to popular shows such as The Joe Rogan Experience. Then there is Amazon that acquired Wondery, whereas SiriusXM purchased Stitcher in 2020.

Besides the mentioned top players in the podcasting industry, some promising and ambitious startups such as Luminary exist. Luminary has already introduced a podcasting subscription service. Plus, Luminary

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Apple’s AirPods continue to dominate the earbud market

The wireless headphone industry is set to have a big year. According to a recent report from Counterpoint Technology Market Research, this industry is on a path of 83% growth and 238 million units in 2021. That’s a lot.

Liz Lee, a senior analyst at Counterpoint Research, says that this highly optimistic prediction is based on a few well-established trends. One is the unstoppable trend of removing the audio jack from devices. Plus, mobile media consumption is also rapidly expanding, which also significantly drives wireless headphones’ demand.

When it comes to market share, Apple’s Airpods is still the leader, they command about 29% of the market. Xiaomi ranks second as it has a market share of 13%, trailed by JBL and Samsung with a market share of 5% each. Jabra, Jlab, and QCY each have a 2% market share. The top 10 list of most popular TWS brands is complete

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Almost 70% of Americans get their news from social media

Last week, insurgents stormed the US Capitol and wreaked havoc for hours there. The news traveled with the speed of light as people realized what was going on there.

Last week’s riots were trending on every social media platform. Simultaneously, insurgents also received their news from social media, and some would even argue that their actions were based on what they saw on their screens.

In the aftermath of the riots, people are wondering what the true power of social media is. How does the average American get its news, and what does that mean?

Pew Research, a no-partisan fact tank, revealed a report that deals with the topic of news and how Americans ingest their news nowadays. Their data and their findings reveal a lot on the topic.

Here are their key findings:

  • Eight out of ten Americans claim that they often use smartphones, tablets, or PCs to get
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How to force quit Mac apps that have frozen or crashed

If you’ve ever used a Mac, you probably know the spinning rainbow wheel of doom, as it’s affectionately known as. It’s Apple’s cue to you that an app is slowing down your beloved Mac, and also that you should really do something about it so you can get back to work.

It means that one of your apps has crashed, and instead of closing the app automatically, Apple lets you go find it and close it manually. Most of the time, you’ll know exactly which app it is, as it will be frozen and you won’t be able to select it using your cursor.

Switching between your running apps will show you which app it is, as you’ll see a normal mouse cursor on any apps running fine, and the spinning color wheel when the frozen app is selected. Now you know which app to deal with, here’s how

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