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MFormats helps premium clients with quality assurance and disaster recovery

A Medialooks video SDK helps premium clients with quality assurance and disaster recovery

Thomas Hohenberger knows video servers. Since the mid-1990s Hohenberger has held service and support positions for some of the industry’s most prominent server supply companies, including the mega manufacturer that evolved from Leitch to Harris to Imagine. But in 2011 he crossed the divide between employee and entrepreneur and started THengineering. Initially focused on developing control software for video servers, the company now provides a media player that serves as a source for quality assurance and disaster recovery applications.

Thomas recently shared his story with us, including the role that a Medialooks SDK has played in the company’s solutions, and his vision for the future of THengineering.

THengineering counts Germany’s largest broadcasters as its customers. Because automation drives the core of these organizations, they have many, many video servers. But what they didn’t have was a mechanism … Read more

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Peter Mckinnon Wants to Teach You How to do Epic Product Photography

If you want to learn how to elevate your product photography, you should watch Peter McKinnon’s latest tutorial. Product photography makes you channel your inner creative so that you can try to tell the story of a product in a single image, and while it might sound easy, product photography can be quite challenging. You […]

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СOVID-19 challenges content creators

While, in most countries, people have switched to working remotely and most, if not all, mass gatherings have been cancelled, it’s fair to say that the industry has been challenged to quickly transform how content — the key element in the value chain — is being made.

We recently built 3 new control rooms to support our live studio-based productions with the thought of entering into the “REMI” or “At Home” production model of just sending cameras and operators to the venue and switching it and producing it from our main studio in Orlando, Florida… With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus we believe this will create demand for more live production in general and really help push the “At Home” model into reality much sooner than expected.

Or, as Lami Akindele puts it in his piece for IBC365: “What pre-existed as a flexible option is now being adopted … Read more

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10 Popular Point and Shoot Film Cameras for the Compact Shooter

If your gear of choice has to be small, pocketable, and iconic, you might want to give these popular point and shoot film cameras a try. We’ve all heard the sage advice that the best camera you have is the one with you, and for many people, it’s their smartphone. Others still prefer an actual […]

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Red Square finds ways to cut costs with Video Transport

Red Square is one of Russia’s largest video production companies—producing TV shows, series, documentaries and feature films for the country’s most prominent television customers.

We sat down to have a conversation with Boris Polyak, who leads the post-production department at Red Square and spends most of his time discovering and implementing computer technologies into the company’s content creation process.

Stunning view from the Ostankino Tower in Moscow.

Having started his career at Red Square as an external consultant, Boris has always been an early adopter of affordable computer technology:

Computers are the cheapest thing out there. Generic computers plus software are always more flexible and affordable than any specialized solution. This is very important when deployed at scale. If we can do something 10 times cheaper, it improves both profit and quality: the simpler a solution is, the easier it is to work with it.

With expensive solutions—specifically because they … Read more