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Does the PlayStation 4 allow you to gift games to your friends?

If you’ve just finished playing a fantastic game, it’s only natural to want to share that joy with your friends. If you bought it on physical media, it’s a simple matter of sending them the game disc. But, what if you bought it digitally? You could game share, but maybe you’re uneasy about your account being signed in on a console you don’t own.

That means gifting, and gaming platforms from Xbox to Steam all allow you to create a digital gift easily.

So… what about if you want to gift a copy of a PlayStation 4 game digitally? And yes, I mean digitally because maybe your friend is on the other side of the globe, and shipping costs alone would make sending a physical copy prohibitively expensive.

So, can you gift your friends a copy of a game through the PlayStation Store?

Short answer: No, but there’s a workaround

See, back in April of 2019, Sony stopped letting retailers sell digital game download codes for full games. That meant you had to buy digital games direct from the PlayStation Store, which doesn’t let you buy codes to gift to your friends. Purchases on the Store are immediately attached to your account. You can still buy DLC, virtual currency, add-ons, and season passes from retailers in digital form though, so gifting those is easy.

To get around this weird shift by Sony, the only way currently to gift a digital game to your friends is to buy a PlayStation Store Gift Card for the amount of the game, and send them the codes for the gift card.

What do you think? Surprised that Sony doesn’t allow you to gift PS4 games? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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