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DoNotPay will now help you create legal documents in a snap

If you are a freelancer or work with a bunch of freelancers, you know how important contracts can be. You also probably know how much a pain they can be to create. Especially if you are in a hurry.

Adding to its already large stable of services, DoNotPay will now help users create multiple types of legal documents in a flash. Whether it is standard non-disclosure agreements or Intent to Purchase Real Estate documents, you can draft it up.

Other types of documents that can be created include contractor agreements, bill of sales, general business contracts, lease agreements, estoppel certificates, prenup agreements, general affidavits, and promissory notes.

DoNotPay does all the heavy lifting and you just need to fill out some prompts it presents you during the document creation process.

DoNotPay tells Review Geek that it plans to continue to add new document types frequently.

This new legal document creator joins many other features already available through DoNotPay’s $3 a month subscription. Some of the more recent ones include suing robocallers, waiting on hold for you, a refund scanner, and a clinical trial finder.

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