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How to add a cryptocurrency address to Twitter Tips

Twitter’s Tips feature allows you to add third-party payment links to your account so you can collect money from followers. You can even add a cryptocurrency address to Twitter Tips.

At this stage, Tips is only available in the mobile app, which shouldn’t surprise oft-neglected web users. If you’re solely a desktop user, you’ll need to add your payment link the old-fashioned way and simply paste it to your profile.

If, however, you’ve got a mobile device in hand and a crypto address ready to share, you can start accepting Tips right now. Let’s discuss how you can add a crypto address to your Twitter profile and make money—or not—on social media.

Add a cryptocurrency address to Twitter Tips

Here’s how you can use Tips to add a crypto address to your Twitter profile:

  1. Launch the Twitter app and tap your Profile icon

  2. Select Profilehow to edit profile on twitter

  3. Tap Edit profiletwitter profile screen

  4. Select Tips turn on tip jar screenshot

  5. Toggle Allow tips on and choose the cryptocurrency you want to use how to accept cryptocurrency on twitter

  6. Copy and paste your crypto address and tap Save how to add bitcoin address to tip jar

When you set up Tips for the first time, Twitter prompts you to Tweet about it. With your crypto address proudly displayed on your profile, now’s the perfect time to start begging your followers for loose change like some tech-savvy internet hobo.

Will Twitter add more crypto options to Tips?

As the number of cryptocurrencies seems determined to surpass podcasts—everyone has one—Twitter may add more choices to the Tips list.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum appear to be fan favorites, a baffling number of other options exist, which leaves a lot of potential for new additions. Perhaps sometime in the future, we’ll even see WhopperCoin added to the menu.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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