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How to Download 1GB Files Within 3 Seconds Using 5G Network

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The Internet began ruling the world since the 1990s; moreover, it played a significant role in everywhere around the world. It is widely used in many areas like railways, hospitals, schools, etc. and people want to be safe and keep their data safe.

Well, ( can help you shove your worries aside and keep you secure. The Generation of the internet network started when electronic computers were introduced. There are five generations till now, namely First Generation (1G), Second Generation (2G), Third generation (3G), Fourth Generation (4G), and finally 5th Generation.


The Internet connects one computer to another globally as long as it is connected to the Internet. A simple question raised initially for everyone across the globe is that “Is the internet owned by any organization across the globe?” The answer is “NO,” the Internet is not owned by anybody or any other organization across the globe. Moreover, it just connects one network to another network with the help of (TCP/IP); consequently, The Internet contains a piece of the vast information that is interlinked with hypertext documents and also with WWW (World Wide Web).     

Evolution of Generations

The world is in the hands of innovation. However, our lifestyle goes much easier by innovating and inventing new things. Let us take mobile phones as an example. At first, mobile phones were heavily weighted and small in size, but now it has completely changed into a smartphone which is less in weight and also easily handled. This is mainly due to evolution happening around us.

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1st Generation

 It is the first generation network that was introduced in the 1980s. It converts the radio waves into analog format. It is ordinally a “voice only network” used for communication. The main disadvantage of the 1st Generation is that it provides some background disturbances while talking and also causes some cross-talk. To solve these problems, a new generation(2G) is innovated.

2nd Generation

The aim of providing the 2G network is to reach a better interface than 1G. It was introduced in the year 1991. The 2G allows the user to send multimedia messages (SMS) through their cell phones. It converts the radio signals into digital format. The digitally encrypted will be secure and reliable. It limits the background disturbances and also allows the user to access the Internet for the first time.

3rd Generation

This is introduced to provide a network that is better than the previous one. It was innovated in 2001. There is no significant difference between the 2G and 3G networks. It just increases the performance and speed of the system. The 3G uses the most secure encryptions to make data transfer reliability.

4th Generation (current Generation)

The fourth Generation was innovated in the year of 2011. This network switches the internet speed from average speed to high speed. It allows the user to download the files at high speed. As per the record, it’s ten times faster than the 3G. Despite everything, the aim of providing 5G is to provide the best network that should solve all the problems that are faced by all three generations.

5th Generation (The future Generation)

Every Generation is invented to produce a new generation that is better than the previous one, but the 5th Generation is ten times better than the 4G and 3G. As per the talks expected to release in 2020. 5G is invented in the idea of providing a peak speed for the users. It produces a faster and easily usable network. It has higher bandwidth, and great downloader speeds up to 10GBps, nevertheless the current 4G cell phones that do not support 5G wireless devices. The 5G cell phones connected to high-speed antennas present in their current location for high-speed networks. It ensures to provide a comprehensive service.

Downloading 1GB file in just 3 seconds

The 5G has brought an excellent advantage over us is that we can download 1GB files which can be movies or anything within 3 seconds, which is ten times faster than the previous generations. It’s not only the upgraded level of the earlier Generation but also a completely different generation. It provides data transfers at high speed and low latency than other generations. It is expected that the introduction of the 5G network will make a massive change across the globe. It’s beneficial for the users because it provides the best highly speeded interface all over the world.

Advantages of 5G

The 5G provides faster service than 4G. The 5G data transfer speed looks like ten times faster than 4G. It offers low latency. It increases connectivity i.e.., more devices and networks are connected at the same time. As experts say that 3G, 4G network phones can’t fit for 5G networks. There is a need to buy a new 5G network phone.


The 5G network has lots of advantages over it, and on the other hand, it has some disadvantages too. There is a high loss of frequencies. It takes time for security. The infrastructure of 5G is costly. 5G covers at most 500 meters(outdoor). Even though we welcome our new revolution with the ideas of encountering its disadvantages.