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How to Make an Effective Digital Campaign

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Digital campaigns can bring a business or a brand massive success if it is done right. It all starts with endeavoring to meet your target market’s needs. Some websites are too absorbed in what they want or need from their target audience, forgetting that they exist to deliver people’s needs. If a website visitor is barraged with irrelevant content and ads that try to cold sell, these prospects will leave your site immediately and never come back.

It is because audiences have advertisement fatigue due to years of obtrusive and annoying digital campaigns. People distinctly know when they are being marketed to. It is not a bad thing, but if your digital campaign strategies are too aggressive, it turns people off.

Organic digital campaigns are user-centric, aiming to genuinely deliver solutions to people’s search intent through free and valuable content that your brand or business provides. Organic digital campaigns reach a broader market and effectively builds trust.

A digital campaign is an online marketing strategy that a brand or a business employs to improve engagements, drive traffic, multiply conversions, and, eventually, increase revenue. Every digital campaign must also serve the primary goals of the brand or business, and typically uses several platforms throughout the campaign.

Digital campaigns are even more critical now that the world is still recovering from a devastating pandemic. Most businesses are prioritizing touchless solutions and moving their businesses online to keep operating amid the crisis.

Digital campaigns are also less expensive than typical marketing campaigns. Most of the time, digital campaigns bring better results in terms of engagements and ROI.

For example, email marketing averages a 4,400{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba} ROI. In fact, welcome emails have an 82{ad6ec37a2bd3ecfa3332b96b9ac48dbf74f925fa7e3098eb9d9871fb3d85bcba} open rate, which makes email marketing is still an effective digital campaign strategy even in the rise of social media marketing and PPC campaigns.

It is easier today to make effective digital campaigns that bring benefits both to the audience and to the business.

How to Begin Your Digital Campaign

Set Your Goals

What is the goal of your campaign? You need to determine what your campaign is for so that the efforts that will be invested in it will be focused. You do not want half-baked results when you go full blast on a campaign. You want the best possible results every time.

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. To launch a successful digital campaign, determine first if the campaign is to get leads, increase sales, or improve engagements. Are you campaigning to launch a new product or encourage repeat orders? Although you can create an all-in-one campaign if you desire, it will not be as effective as a digital campaign that is focused on one or two goals only.

Setting goals also helps so you would know what to do when digital campaigns are not working. You can go back to your goals and see if you are hitting your makers. It is easier to troubleshoot a digital campaign if you can identify where you have gone off-tangent

Set Your Target Consumer Avatars

By now, your target niche or market must be clear as day to you. You need to know not just what you are campaigning for, but to whom you are campaigning.

Identify the different consumer avatars within your target market. These are the various prospects that frequent your site or the consumers that already patronize you.

If you are a new business and still grappling with digital marketing, do your market research as to what types of people are within your target niche or market. You can check the competition for reference. My advice is to find which segment of the market is the least served and start from there. For one, you know that there is less competition in that segment, and secondly, it is a good learning strategy before you take broader steps in your target market.

But whether you are a startup or a big player, your digital campaign is only as strong as your audience is well-defined.

Here is an example of a consumer avatar.

ahara - How to Make an Effective Digital Campaign

Image Source: TMC

Set Your Timetable

Set a timeframe for your campaigns. Give ample time to plan, prepare, execute, and review your campaign. Give provision for revisions and troubleshoot before the scheduled launch, and if all else fails, it is better to delay the launch than produce a faulty campaign. Faulty campaigns can dampen your brand’s reputation, and this is especially hurtful when you are a startup.

You will waste time, money, and resources on poorly planned and poorly executed campaigns. Make sure your schedules are reasonable to optimize the success of the campaign.

Set Milestones

Set milestones within your campaign. It is crucial to keep the team focused, motivated, and in a unified pace throughout the digital campaign. Here are some examples of milestone markers you can set for your team:

  • Sales milestones: initial sale, mid-term sales, year-end sales
  • Profitability milestones: break-even target, targeted revenue
  • Engagement milestone: leads generation goals across different platforms, short-term goals to long-term
  • Conversion milestone: percentage of conversion per quarter, target conversion and ROI for the year, repeat orders percentage, referrals, Domain authority, and the like

 Set Your Campaign Budget

Set a definite budget for every digital campaign you launch. The campaign may be free, but there are still overhead expenses to consider (operational expenses like salaries, cybersecurity maintenance, cloud storage solutions, and the like).

Your goal is to generate the most ROI for every campaign. I know that some revenues could take a while to see, like most lead generation strategies. However, your team still needs to meet markers that indicate if you are headed in that direction. Metrics or analytics are one of those markers. If you are increasing in leads, visits, and conversions, then it is an indicator that your digital campaign is working.

You can now choose to release more budget on digital campaigns that are working or run parallel campaigns. For example, if you launched a social media marketing campaign that showed success, you can run parallel PPC campaigns on those keywords and key phrases that coincide with your campaign. You can also drive an email marketing campaign to boost results even more.

If you do not set a budget, you might overspend on a campaign that may not be successful at all. Setting a budget limit and budget schedule helps you control your funds and divert it to the most profitable campaigns you have.

You may also find out which campaigns run by your competitors are doing good or failing. If your competition is losing money on certain strategies, learn from their mistakes, and hopefully avoid the loss they experienced.

Earmark your funds and put every penny you spend to work. Ensure that you spend funds as wisely as possible for the most ROI.

Set Campaign Channels

Choosing the right digital campaign channels can make or break your campaign. Carefully strategize which platforms will work well for the type of campaign you are running.

If you are running a campaign to encourage repeat orders, then email marketing is the best and most efficient digital campaign. It is almost free because you already have the contacts of your customers. Create a compelling email campaign that will grab your customer’s attention, like a new feature of your product, a new product altogether, or loyalty discounts for bulk purchases.

If your digital campaign goal is to launch a new product, then you need to add social media marketing, create landing pages to go with it.

If you want to increase sales, you can launch a digital campaign on Google Shopping or Amazon and link a shopping feed to your social media accounts and your website. You can also optimize social media ads on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. You can even optimize the current popularity of TikTok, now the leading social media platform that rose to fame in the heat of the pandemic.

Other digital campaign samples you can use are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, online PR, and inbound marketing.

You can integrate 2 to 3 campaigns at a time to run a robust digital campaign.

To help you know which strategy will be the best for your campaign, Ahrefs provides such a guide through this video below:

Launch and Optimize Campaign Results

The launch of your campaign is the proving time of all the strategies you used for your digital campaign. If your digital campaign is a success, you would see results through clicks, shares, likes, follows conversions, ad interactions, comments, subscriptions, and the like.

Monitor your metrics and optimize results by using analytics for the best results. You can adjust the details of the campaign whenever necessary, like budget, keywords, channels, and ads. Discontinue or revise campaigns with dismal performance, and boost those that are doing very well.

You can measure your digital campaign’s performance through organic reach. Dwell time and paid ads clickthrough or referrals on Google Analytics; open and clickthrough rates through Mailchimp or your email marketing tool; and social media engagement statistics that different platforms provide.

Conclusion: A Successful Digital Campaign Goes for the Heart more than the Hand.

While it is true that businesses need their digital campaigns to work because they need to earn, successful businesses are those that go for people’s hearts more than their hands.

It means that they establish deeper connections with their target audience and aim to bring solutions to their problems or search intent. It means they create content that is relevant to their audience. These businesses invest time and effort to know the pulse or the heart of their target market, so they can provide innovations that can add value to their lives.

When you have the hand of a prospect or consumer, you may be able to get them to purchase one or two times. Still, if you have their heart, they will not only buy from you repeatedly, but they will support your brand, refer your product or service to others, and provide valuable feedback.

These loyal consumers will even stand by you when there is negative feedback against your brand they do not agree with because they have a first-hand positive experience with you.

So, at the heart of your digital campaign should be about helping, giving, and serving people. It is an excellent foundation for your digital campaign’s genuine success that outlives the campaign’s timeframe.

AUTHOR’S BIO – Mayleen Meñez worked for seven years in TV and Radio production, and also as a Graphic Artist/Editor. Finding her true passion, she devoted 15 years in NGO and community development work, where she experienced being a coordinator and teacher, travelling both in the Philippines and countries in Asia. She homeschools her three kids and reinvents Filipino dishes in her spare time. Writing has always been a hobby and pursuit, and she recently added content writing with Softvire Australia and Softvire New Zealand up her sleeve, while preparing for her next adventure in the nations.