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How to make your Venmo transactions private

Venmo is a little different from most cash-sending apps, in that it tries to introduce a social aspect so that the entire internet can see your financial dealings. Yes, if your Venmo is set to public, anyone can see that you sent money to your family, your friends, or your local purveyor of illicit substances (not that we’re saying you do that).

Just look how much can be figured out about your life from that feed. It’s pretty scary, and with the amount of information on you that’s already online, do you really need to be adding your financials? Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to turn off access, so that nobody but the person you sent cash to can see the transaction.

Here’s how to turn off the social aspect of Venmo

Look, even if you’re not famous or in the government, you don’t want people watching your financial dealings. Here’s how to stop that from happening.

  1. Open the Venmo app

  2. Tap on the hamburger menu

  3. Tap on Settingsvenmo privacy settings

  4. Tap on Privacyvenmo privacy settings

  5. Set your visibility to Private so only the person you’re dealing with can see the transactionvenmo privacy settings

  6. There’s one last thing to do before you’re covered. Go back to Privacy and tap on Past transactions. Set everything here to Private and now nobody but you can see your Venmo historyvenmo privacy settings

There, that’s better. Remember, your financial dealings are nobody’s business but yours. Well, maybe the IRS, but that’s another story.

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