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Review: Mavix M7 – a gaming chair that combines style with comfort

The Good

Wide range of customization

Seat and back are cool and comfortable – no aches or pains even after hours of sitting

Super stylish

Gaming chairs can sometimes seem like a gimmick. A lot of times, gaming chairs can go overboard with their outlandish designs and racecar aesthetic. Too much focus on those aspects of a chair can sometimes take away from the more important aspects, like comfort and function. Fortunately, that is absolutely not the case with the Mavix M7, a gaming chair that combines a sleek and stylish look with supreme comfort and functionality.

The M7 is the mid-level gaming chair from Mavix, a brand known for exceptional quality. The company was kind enough to send me one of the M7 chairs to try out, and it has not disappointed me in the slightest. It’s available in three different color options: all black, black and white, and the one they sent me was black and red.

This particular chair sells for $777.77 on the Mavix website. To some, this might seem a little expensive for a gaming chair, but it is important to consider how much sitting we actually do. It’s nothing for me to spend 10-12 hours a day sitting at my desk, so I need a chair that will maintain comfort for long periods of time.

I’ve been planting my butt in the Mavix M7 for almost a month now, and I am completely in love. So, let’s jump straight into this review.


Image: KnowTechie

First impressions can really make or break your opinion on something. When you get a new gaming chair, the first impression is always assembly. So how does the M7 stack up against the competition when it comes to the assembly process?

Full disclosure, my M7 was actually sent fully assembled (with the exception of the rollerblade wheels that I had to snap on), so I didn’t get the chance to experience the assembly process myself. However, there is a video on the Mavix website that shows the full assembly process. After checking it out, it looks like assembly is pretty straightforward.

After attaching the wheels and cylinder to the base, you simply place the seat onto the cylinder. Then, with the included tool and screws, the backrest and armrests are attached. The armrests are labeled so you don’t accidentally put them on backward. Finally, the headrest is attached with two screws, and the chair is assembled.

All in all, the process looks pretty simple, with everything lining up pretty comfortably. But we all know that furniture assembly can be tricky sometimes. While I expect the M7 assembly process is pretty easy, I can’t be 100% certain.

Features and function

Image: KnowTechie

As for features and function, the Mavix M7 is definitely not lacking. Every aspect of this chair is adjustable, which makes finding the perfect sitting position a breeze. The M7 can be adjusted to fit almost anybody.

I’ll start off with the seat’s height adjustment. I’m a relatively tall guy, and finding a chair that adjusts high enough can sometimes be an issue. That’s not the case at all with the M7. The seat will adjust high enough that even someone pushing 7 feet tall could sit comfortably.

The seat and backrest each have independent recline features. Using the two adjustments together, the M7 can be positioned at a nice, relaxing angle that feels more like a La-Z-Boy recliner than an office chair. The fixated lumbar support can be adjusted up and down to find the right spot in your lower back. You can also adjust the seat forward and backward to help find the perfect sitting angle.

Possibly my favorite feature of the M7 is the adjustable armrests. Like most modern gaming or office chairs, the armrests can be adjusted in many ways. Unlike most chairs, however, these adjustments are drastic, making finding the perfect armrest positioning much easier than some other chairs.


mavix chair seat
Image: Alex Gatewood / KnowTechie

So let’s take a look at the most important aspect of any office or gaming chair: How comfortable is it? If you’re looking to spend the kind of money that Mavix is asking for a chair, you expect nothing short of amazing comfort. Well, the M7 definitely lives up to its price.

I want to talk about one thing that really sets this chair apart from others for me, but first I’ll get into the basics. The integrated lumbar support has the perfect amount of resistance that forces me to sit with proper posture. I’ve had some slight back problems before (mostly due to the fact that I’m tall, scrawny, and in terrible physical shape), but I have yet to have any pain whatsoever during my time sitting in the M7.

The armrests adjust to multiple different placements. That, combined with the full reclining action make the M7 perfect for sitting back and relaxing while playing games or watching TV. No joke, I have fallen asleep in the M7 no less than three times since I started using it a few weeks ago.

Mavix Mesh

Image: KnowTechie

So now I want to get into what makes this chair stand out for me, the material. Aside from the leather headrest and lumbar support, the M7 is made with the company’s own Mavix Mesh. The mesh is tightly stretched across the seat and backrest.

The mesh does a great job of making me feel like I’m virtually floating. There’s is literally no pain or discomfort even after sitting for hours at a time. The mesh not only caresses my body as I sit but also keeps me incredibly cool. To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on down there. Most chairs inevitably get warm after a couple of hours of sitting, but not the M7. This chair somehow feels like I have my own personal air conditioner cooling my booty to perfection.

So as far as comfort goes, the M7 is an ultimate success. Not only does it check all of the stand comfort boxes, like lumbar and reclining action, it also keeps my cheeks nice and cool, which is something I will never be able to give up now.

Should you buy the Mavix M7?

The Mavix M7 delivers the top-tier quality and comfort that we’ve grown to expect from one of the top gaming chair companies in the business. This chair checks all of the boxes, from comfort to features and functionality, and would be a great addition to anyone’s office.

Still, $777.77 is a lot of money. If you are in the market for a new gaming chair at around that budget, it would be difficult to find anything better than the Mavix M7. I’ve been sitting in a Secretlab TITAN for a couple of years and I never thought I’d be giving up, but I was wrong. I can confidently say that the Mavix M7 has become my permanent office chair. The comfort and quality offered by the M7 are unmatched at that price point.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

Editors’ Recommendations:

A sample unit was provided for the purpose of this review.

The Good

Wide range of customization

Seat and back are cool and comfortable – no aches or pains even after hours of sitting

Super stylish