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SudShare is like Uber, but for your dirty laundry

One of the worst parts about growing up is that you eventually have to worry about doing your own laundry. Laundry is widely known as one of the worst household tasks there is. SudShare is an app that’s looking to change the way we look at our laundry.

SudShare was developed in 2018 and lets users pay someone else to come to their house and pick up their dirty laundry, wash and fold it, and bring it back. Without having to worry about doing laundry, SudShare helps you spend time doing things you actually want to do.

The way SudShare works seems pretty simple. Once you download the SudShare app on either iOS or Android and create an account, you’re pretty much set to get your laundry done. For pricing, it runs $1 per pound and there is a minimum of 20 pounds.

“It’s a seamless and simple order process,” says CEO Mort Fertel. “Just download the SudShare app, set up an account, enter your preferences, and tap ‘do my laundry.’ At that point, you can go on with your day while SudShare will pick up your laundry, sort it, wash/dry/fold, and return it to you the next day, ready to be put away.”

After that, you just set your laundry outside your door (or instruct SudShare to knock), and then wait for your laundry to return. SudShare says it will bring your laundry washed, dried, and folded by the next day, as long as you get your order in by 3 PM.

SudShare has several options to try and help accommodate any of your laundry needs and will work with you personally to help get your laundry done right.

The company offers premium scented detergents, hypoallergenic options for those more prone to allergies, or you can even provide your own. You can also designate certain clothes to be hung up to dry instead of machine dried.

“SudShare is the first nationwide laundry service,” says Fertel, “serving customers in over 400 cities across the USA powered by over 45,000 Sudsters, the company’s home-based laundry professionals.” SudShare seems like a pretty crazy idea, but everybody hates doing laundry so much that it just might be the kind of crazy that thrives.

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