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The chronological feed is coming back to Instagram, baby

If you hate the Instagram algorithmic feed, you’re in luck. Next year, the company plans to release “a version” of its chronological feed. That’s according to testimony given to the Senate on Wednesday, by Adam Mosseri, the current head of Instagram.

Apparently, the feature has been in the works “for months.” Instagram is aiming for a first-quarter of 2022 release window. As well as a chronological order option, there will also be a way to favorite people so their posts show before others in your feed. That will likely work in the same way as Favorites on Meta’s other owned social network, Facebook.

While we’re glad to see the option for a chronological timeline again, it doesn’t really address the issues with the algorithm. You know, the algorithm that’s damaging the mental health of teens everywhere.

The one that amplifies celebrities who make other people hate their own lives.

The one that Facebook says is quite good, actually. On the platform that only recently decided teens should have private accounts. Headed by the person who used car accident deaths as an analogy for social media’s overall use to society.

Instagram will have to work on the AI-powered algorithm to limit the harm to specific demographics, and to society at large.

Congress is already discussing a bill that would remove Section 230 safeguards if platforms use damaging algorithms.

Instagram has recently been rolling out other features to limit the harm it causes. A new set of parental controls is coming in March of next year, and a “Take a Break” feature is rolling out in some countries this week, with the rest of the world by the end of the year.

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