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This deepfake Tom Cruise is so real it will have you questioning reality

If you are a citizen of The Internet™, you know that deepfakes have been getting better and better. To the point where a casual watch can be misleading, but still, you can often see issues in the video.

The line between reality and deepfake is getting more blurry, however, and this Instagram account dedicated to a deepfake version of Tom Cruise is scarily real looking, leaping straight over uncanny valley.

Essentially, the uncanny valley is the feeling people get when seeing something that seems human, but feels off, even if the person can’t put their finger on why. The Instagram account deeptomcruise_ai (also on TikTok) is getting ridiculously close to making deepfaked videos of the actor that just seem real.

While some of them have issues that pop up occasionally, others literally just seem like a slightly-deranged Tom Cruise talking to the camera.

Check out some of our favorite Tom Cruise deepfakes below

Chris Ume, the person behind the deepfake videos, also created a quick video that gives a glimpse into how it is accomplished:

Anyways, everyone, it’s been real, but I estimate we’ve got about another 15 years on this planet before the AI takes over. Take it sleezy.

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