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TikTok becomes the first non-Facebook app to reach 3 billion downloads

If you’re reading this, you almost certainly know that TikTok has become a global sensation. The social app continues to bring in new users due in part to the pandemic that plopped everyone on their couches.

Now, according to a new report from Sensor Tower, the app has reached a huge milestone, becoming the first non-Facebook app to reach 3 billion global downloads. It joins the ranks of Facebook-owned apps, including Facebook (obviously), WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

While TikTok’s growth in the first half of this year was lower than last year, Sensor Tower notes it reached “nearly 383 million first-time installs and an estimated $919.2 million in consumer spending.”

Image: Sensor Tower

Some of the decline over last year is due to people returning to work and more normal activities, but also due to India’s banning of the app.

The last big note from this report is how much TikTok has made in consumer spending during its lifetime. The number has reached $2.5 billion globally. The platform is now among a small list of non-gaming apps to reach that milestone, joining Tinder, Netflix, YouTube, and Tencent Video.

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