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Top 5 IT Support Tips for Small Businesses

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Running a small business has never been easier, due to the accessibility of great tools that can help improve standard operating procedures and give entrepreneurs a chance to compete with big businesses. That is until something goes wrong. Working with tech support is usually a last-ditch effort to correct a problem as it can be a stressful experience.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get great tech support from IT Support Companies to solve your problem with minimal downtime. Here are five tips for getting great technical support.

Remember to Google

Googling before making a call to tech support serves a few key purposes. First and foremost, it will tell you if this is a common issue and give some insight into how to handle it yourself. Secondly, it can inform you of any program-wide bugs that are affecting service.

By Googling a solution and trying it before calling, you can eliminate a significant portion of the troubleshooting process with tech support by letting them know what you tried. Knowing that everyone is experiencing an issue will save you time in calling for something that’s already under investigation and allow tech support to focus on the task at hand.

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Effective communication and due diligence on your part can be the difference between a subpar and great technical support experience. Read reviews before committing to a program, particularly regarding how the company reacts when an issue arises.

Use Instant Chat Whenever Possible

There are numerous benefits to using instant chat for tech support, both from the user experience side and the business side. Instant chat provides a centralized location for direct feedback, making it easy to send screencaps and pull data from the computer. For an entrepreneur, this mitigates the time spent on hold and can allow for focus on other tasks while waiting for feedback. It offers effective time spent waiting for email support.

Know the Details

When a problem arises, document everything that occurs. Be ready to tell your support person what transpired, what you tried, and any other details that could help them quickly and efficiently solve the issue. You aren’t expected to know everything– if you did, you likely wouldn’t need customer support. However, by knowing more, you’ll give the support team a better indication of where to look and what follow up questions to ask.

Again, having screenshots of error messages and the problems you encounter can be extremely beneficial in conveying the issue at hand. If you have screen recording software, consider making a brief clip to send along.

Communicate Effectively

Whether you opt for live chat, mail, or a phone call to the support line, it’s integral that you communicate clearly and effectively. When typing, be succinct, and use white space to your advantage. On the phone, take a moment to get your thoughts in order and present the information in bullet points rather than rambling. If the tech support person requires more information, they’ll ask.

Take some time to learn the proper terminology for the program you’re using, presenting the page or button on which you’re having an issue by name. This will make it easier for you and your tech support person to stay on track.

Know Your Program

The more you know about the tool you’re using, the more familiar you’ll be with how it should be functioning and when there’s an indication that something isn’t working as it should. This knowledge will also allow you to be more descriptive when talking to tech support, and help you better understand the instructions you receive.

Look for training opportunities with your program, both when you first get started or by using a third-party provider who offers webinars or courses.