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Twitter moves to AWS, expanding Twitter to the public cloud

The social media giant Twitter is aiming to shift more of its work toward Amazon Web Services.

Twitter has decided to move to the now popular cloud hosting, with AWS being a top level cloud hosting provider, supported by Cloudways and plenty others. 

This is the first time Twitter has hosted its main product on a cloud network in order to support its real-time operation. The firm used AWS to support images, videos, and ad contents for the storage, computing, database, and content delivery services, but supported its main feed from wholesale data centers. 

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Twitter will maintain its own data center, including large-scale leases in Sacramento’s RagingWire (now NTT) center and in Atlanta. But with AWS, the company plans to develop a prem and cloud hosting infrastructure. 

Twitter aims to use AWS Graviton2 instances, which uses the customized Arm processor by Amazon, for its cloud-based workloads. For CDN services and Amazon DynamoDB, Twitter will continue using Amazon CloudFront to fulfill its database requirements. Back in 2018, the company concluded a cold-storage deal with Google Cloud, but it is not clear if this arrangement is still in effect. 

“We’re excited to work with AWS to expand Twitter’s infrastructure to help serve our global public debate,” says Parag Agrawal, Chief Executive Officer of Twitter. 

“AWS will collaborate with others who use Twitter, allowing us to service tweets from data centers closer to our clients while leveraging AWS Graviton2’s arm-based architecture. This work with AWS also helps us to ship faster features as we apply AWS’s diverse and evolving service portfolio..” 

“Twitter’s decision to focus on AWS technology and service in order to fulfil its real-time workloads would help them quickly expand their global reach without losing the experience of people using Twitter. Matt Garman, AWS’s vice president of sales and marketing, added: 

“Twitter can innovate quickly and cost-effectively by using AWS Container Services to create a seamless hybrid on-site and cloud environment.” 

Twitter has over 330 million monthly active users and is the world’s 46th most influential website, a favorite forum for the current US President.

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