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3 Marketing Tactics for E-Commerce Stores

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Your e-commerce store could still be in its startup stage, or it could be a real player in its market — regardless of where it’s at in its lifecycle, it needs to be marketed proficiently.

This means that you, as its owner, need to stay up to date with all the latest advertising tactics, and you need to be deploying them in your campaigns.

To find three marketing tactics, you should be embracing when it comes to advertising your e-commerce store, read on.

Build your Brand

In order to stand any chance of your e-commerce being at all profitable, it needs to stand out from its competition. To ensure this is the case, it needs its own identity, which means you have to get to work right away in building its brand.

The first thing you must do in this instance is get in touch with a

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Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra

Samsung pulled the curtains off of their latest flagship devices, the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra today and if you were expecting anything innovative, you probably don’t want to read any further than the fold (the Z Fold 2 that is). See, the Note has turned into the phone that Samsung throws all of its considerable tech weight at, with the end result being a fast but excruciatingly boring device.

I mean the S-Pen is cool but do you really need a stylus with how big the screen is now? The 6.9-inch screen on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is bigger than the national average and comes with Samsung’s fantastic OLED tech with a 1440p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. It’s basically an iPad Pro in a package you can fit in your cargo shorts. Isn’t that great? The normal Note 20 only has a 1080p,

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Fundamental Analysis of the Currency Market

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Fundamental analysis is critical in the forex trade. This analysis is often combined with technical analysis to give traders the best chances in the market. The various forms of analysis used in the forex market are useful to both beginner traders and experienced ones.

The market forces that define the forex trade are often difficult to follow because of the conditions that exist in the market. With big banks and institutions being in the same field as individual traders, the market is definitely a versatile one. Let us look at how fundamental analysis works in the currency market.

Investigate the Dynamics of the Macroeconomic Realm

The first thing you should do is to establish how the macroeconomic arena is like. This will be a great basic measure that will allow you to filter the most important data from the chuff. Knowing how the different currency pairs operate

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Nearby Share finally lets you send unwanted files to the people around you

Now, Android fans can ‘AirDrop’ weird photos to strangers, as Google just started rolling out Nearby Share, which lets you instantly share files, links, pictures, and more with the unsuspecting  people nearby.

Any Android device running Android 6.0 or above will be getting the update, starting with Pixel and Samsung devices, and the rest will get it “over the next few weeks.”

It’s pretty much Apple’s AirDrop in everything but name, enabling you to send content instantly to your friends without having to dig through your contacts list. All you need to do is tap the Nearby Share button on the share menu, and wait for nearby devices to appear as if by magic.

If you’re worried about pranking (and let’s face it, you should be), you can set visibility on Nearby Share to either all, some, or stay hidden. Google even says that people sending files can

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5 Critical Things to Know About AWS

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If you run a business, and you’ve heard of AWS, or Amazon Web Services, you might be considering whether or not to employ it to handle your company’s infrastructure.

That is something that’s well worth considering. AWS can be extremely useful, and if you can master some of its services and features, you should be able to manage your operation efficiently.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the features that AWS offers, and what kind of businesses would most benefit from utilizing it.

What is AWS?

You can look at AWS as a way of deploying different applications to the cloud. Whether you’re most concerned with a single pane of glass solution for AWS cloud infrastructure or you want heightened security for your inter-company messaging, this service provides it.


  • Is a cloud computing service
  • Is cost-effective and flexible
  • Provides on-demand storage capabilities

AWS is

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