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First Impressions: Metamorphosis – it’s a bug’s life

Storytelling has always been a huge part of gaming, whether that is through epic quests or simply backstory for the titular characters. Why not flip that around and make a game heavily influenced by a novella, as Ovid Works has done with their upcoming title, Metamorphosis. This surreal adventure shows the dark side of a bug’s life while stuffing as much Kafkaesque imagery of oppressive bureaucracy into your eyes as it can.

You start the first-person puzzle game just as you do in the novella, as Gregor waking up from a night out drinking with your best friend. It’s not just a hangover that you’ve woken up with, however, as you soon find yourself inhabiting the body of a cockroach. Lovely, remind me to not drink absinthe on a weekday again…

Anyway, seconds later you’re glad to be not in your human body, as the secret police are there

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Email Marketing Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty

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With all of the new ways to reach customers online, email marketing continues to be the most effective way to find new customers and stay connected with current customers.

However, while email has been around a while, the methods we use email have changed. It is no longer effective just to blast them all with the same boring email.

One of the most impactful ways to use email to increase sales and grow your business is to improve customer loyalty among customers who have already made a purchase. Email can be one your most reliable tools in maintaining these relationships. To increase the impact, consider these email marketing tips to improve customer loyalty.

Always Welcome

It is tempting to add each new customer to your bulk email list and begin sending them the same email campaigns as everyone else on your list. Resist that temptation.

New customers

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Who invented the Android operating system?

Nowadays, when you think of mobile phones only two names typically pop up – iOS and Android. The rest of the market has pretty much been swallowed by these two giants, owned by Apple and Google, respectively.

But… has it always been like that? I mean, we know Apple has always owned iOS, and developed the operating system from scratch, in-house.

Was the same true for Android as well, or was Google’s mobile operating system just another acquisition that the company decided to not kill off? Did the operating system start life inside a subdivision of Google?

So, who invented the Android operating system?

Short answer: Android Inc

Ha, bet you thought this was going to be “Google,” right? I mean, the two names are synonymous nowadays, but way back in 2003, Android wasn’t aiming at the smartphone market (mainly because it didn’t exist yet). When Rich Miner,

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Amazon Prime Video finally lets you assign multiple user profiles

The year is 2020 and Amazon Prime Video is finally giving its users the ability to assign up to six different user profiles per account. That’s it, that’s the news.

While pretty much every other streaming platform on the planet has offered this feature, it’s good to see Amazon step up to the plate and give its users this one little convenience. I mean, on the development side, I can’t imagine this being a hard thing to develop, but in any event, it’s finally here. Welcome to the new world, Amazon.

Having the ability to create multiple user profiles on Amazon Prime Video gives users the option to create their own saved lists, continue watching movies and shows where they left off, and overall, it just makes things a little less chaotic. With so much content available, it’s hard to remember where you left off, especially when you

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