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5 Best Programming Languages Required For Cyber Security – Explanation – Information Technology Blog

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Are you interested in a cyber security job? Then you must be looking for the 5 best programming languages required for cyber security. Here, read it all.


If you have decided to start your career in cyber security, then you must know all the languages that are needed to learn cybersecurity.

The truth is that programming and coding is not a must skill for all cyber security analysts, getting into cyber security with no experience is not a big deal There is no debate that cyber security is beneficial for computers. As mentioned above, not everybody needs to possess skills to become a cyber analyst. But let me make this clear, people with no experience did not find it much difficult to find a job. Because they are quick learners and talented.

Programming and scripting languages like Python, C, Javascript, or C ++, are not only here to help you understand better but it makes your daily work easy. Some security software engineers learn to code and remember them till their last breath. Other roles like security analyst, they do learn programming much as a compulsory subject but it makes the work really easy, is all I am saying.

Here in this article I will be discussing the top 5 programming languages for cyber security, read the article to the end.

5 Best Programming Languages Required For Cyber Security – Explanation

You cannot just have the knowledge and start working, with the knowledge you have to understand how to apply them in circumstances. It is really important to understand the tools you are going to use which will ultimately help you with your work.  Therefore having knowledge and knowing how to use them is a valuable skill no matter what industry you are working in.


Python is among the most demanded programming languages and is almost similar to C++, which is a general-purpose language. The difference between Python and C++ is that it is not high level like python. Python being high level makes the user use it easily. C++ is a tough programming lab=nguage to learn where Python can be understood within hours.

Since Python uses phrases that resemble English, it becomes possible to understand the program just by looking at it. Python was developed by the developers in the 80s, the developers made sure to design it in such a way that allows programmers to easily read it and create applications. Python is a scripting language that is not compiled into machine-readable code. An interpreter does the job. It decreases IT security risk in the workplace.

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Not hard but impossible to go on with your daily life without accessing JavaScript. This page you are on, has used JavaScript to some extent. JavaScript is a scripting language, not a programming language. JavaScript is different from Java, as it is used to create web applications, design, and functionality.

Therefore Java is not for cyber security professionals. You can become a cyber security analyst and boost your cyber security performances. JavaScript does not have the general utility of the language such as Python but is clearly significant for websites and online applications.


Assembly is known to be the lowest level language that we humans can read, but it is not easy to understand I must add. Like all good things has a drawback, Assembly too has it. It only focuses on a certain type of architecture. Therefore Linux Assembly is quite different from Windows Assembly.

Assembly helps in understanding to provide insights into the operation of a machine which is not really possible with other languages. A program written in Assembly has instructions to interact with registers, memory locations. It provides control as well which is not offered by any other language. This is how the cyber security infrastructure looks like in Assembly.

C ++

C ++ was first invented in the 1980s and holds a syntax that is very much related to C. C++ is an advanced programming language of the C programming language. It has an additional feature with it that says about object orientation. It works in a similar way but it is considered as the superior one.

Many modern applications are built with the help of C++. It is the foundation of popular big-ticket games, and applications as well, that we use every day.

If you are in a work field where you have all your work related to a computer, then you are intersecting with the applications made by C++, and you don’t even know it.


It stands for Structured Language Query. It is mainly used to deal with the database structure. SQL is not a programming language and it does not allow the creation of applications but is important for security professionals, it also offers security tips for small business.

Every website breach we hear is about the news that involves people’s details that have been stolen and that involves hackers to gain the database. It happens often via SQL injection. Data storage is a stage that sees massive growth, in the increasing amount of attacks available to bad actors.

Wrapping It All Up

Here you with the 5 best programming languages that are required for cyber security.

The entire article has the right information about the 5 programming languages. Each of them is better than the other. They are compatible and easy to understand, they are made that way because of the programmers. It helps them to create applications in an easy and proper manner.

Leave a comment down below in the comment section and ask if there is any doubt.

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