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When it comes to growing your name as a top marketer, you’re probably thinking of following the way top brands work. While that may seem like a successful strategy, you’re actually limiting successful results! This goes especially for those who work in-house or in marketing agencies.

Take note that larger brands have individual challenges and that potential as an established business, which is marketers have different strategies to work on depending on the size of their clients’ brand. Because of this, the following top brands can have you get lost in all the noise that the bigger competitors are already doing. And you might just risk dealing with even bigger consequences from the challenges brands face when following their strategies.

But one thing’s for sure: SEO tactics, no matter for big or small companies, will always work. Leading Search Engine Optimization experts have rounded up the top five tips marketers can use when working better with top brands. So read on!

Why Focus on SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing channel that makes or breaks a website’s visibility to the entire world. It works on the following aspects:

  • Website technical performance
  • Your content
  • Entire website health and maintenance
  • Integrating marketing strategies
  • All forms of website data
  • Overall website performance
  • Search coverage and footprint

This is compared to other marketing strategies and channels such as:

PPC offers a dedicated landing page with a focus in maximizing one’s revenue and return of investment

Social media focuses more on driving buzz, awareness, and attention based on the content you post and how it interests others

Different special strategies like user experience and content, which focuses more on other detailed goals and KPIs

Such different marketing channels are an important part of website delivery, but they don’t focus on the entire site consistently in contrast to SEO! That’s why, as a marketer, it’s crucial to look into SEO if you do work with even bigger brands.

The Top Five Tips When Working on SEO With Top Brands

Now that you know about why SEO is important and why it’s different with bigger brands, how can you start working better?

Here are the five methods and tips to follow to work successfully with top brands:

Set a Solid Foundation You Can Build On

Many marketers overlook creating a solid foundation for a successful website. Not everyone focuses on the technical area of a website, from fixing 404s, the site speed, content reviews, and comments, as well as its gaps. As a result of irregular auditing, it can cause you to start failing at your job in SEO!

SEO experts with a wide span of expertise and the focus on ALL aspects of a website bring in success. Through focusing on overall website health, performance, and functionality, it can improve the overall performance and your reputation. And as you work with top brands with an even bigger scale, you’ll need to escalate fast in terms of the overall site health and performance.

Sure, it can be a hassle, but focusing on the technical side of SEO as well can impact your clients’ ranking, content digestion, sharing, goals, usability, and even more!

Create Comprehensive Data Ecosystems

It’s best to be data-driven to make sure your clients’ know what’s happening with their business and website. Not only does this give them adequate reports, but it also helps you manage and improve the data you receive.

With bigger brands, expect more data problems that become repetitive and complex. This means you’ll need to think quickly and all data in one area, understanding, and acting based on past and current data you receive.

Leverage the Brand’s Power

What’s great about working with big brands is that you already have the audience you can capture. You’re able to leverage the brand’s power and promote awareness to the audience, which gains brand traction for clients and success for you. With a larger brand, you have more potential and opportunity to grow based on how popular and relevant you are.

Start expanding topics which rank higher with your brand industry

Maximize brand relevancy based on your audience’s lifestyle

Share knowledge and expertise within your brand and organization

Increase the budget and widen your campaigns to see what content works

Keep an Eye on the Small Things

Because you’re working with larger brands doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on the smaller details. These small details end up affecting the entire brand in the long run, whether it’s something as simple as 404 errors or broken content. That’s why I recommend that you undergo a full website audit once a month to fix any errors, both big and small.

Look Into Consumer Insights and the Real-World Behavior

When you’re working with a big brand, you already have assumptions which might not be true. Instead of relying on these, make sure to double-check such assumptions and see what assumptions do add good value and what doesn’t.

Besides this, it’s best not to at upon assumptions, but base your SEO efforts on the real world. From accurate data of worldwide Internet usage and trends down to studying your audience’s lifestyle behavior, you can help deliver and implement strong strategies for success.

Wrapping It Up

There are a ton of methods you can follow when you want to gain more traction as you work with top brands. You don’t reap bad results as long as you know who you’re working with and to continue working on other campaigns to keep achieving your goals. As you keep going, you can end up being as big as the businesses you work with as well!

I hope this article on how to worth on SEO with top brands gave you an idea of where to start! So don’t wait any longer and begin following these tactics for better success now

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences on SEO and working with top brands, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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