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A researcher is archiving deleted posts from Parler, including location data

A researcher, known by her Twitter handle @donk_enby, has started a campaign of collecting data from Parler, the platform where conservatives can practice what they call “free speech.” However, the platform quickly turned out into a hotbed of racism, conspiracy theories posted by far-right groups, and death threats directed toward well-known politicians.

Furthermore, Parler is labeled as one of the few apps used by insurgents to plan and coordinate the assault of the Capitol, aimed at diminishing the 2020 election results and keeping Donald Trump in the White House.

@donk_enby took it upon herself to catalog and archive every post on Parler, starting from January 6th. According to her, the scope of her effort includes collecting data, which will be very incriminating evidence, and creating a publicly available database for future researchers.

Her efforts became increasingly important as it appeared that Parler was living its last days. First, Google and Apple revealed that they planned to remove Parler from their respective App Stores. Then, Amazon put the final nail in Parler’s coffin when they announced that they could no longer use their services.

The primary reason why the mentioned tech giants decided to ban Parler from their platforms is that it failed to moderate content that calls for crime, racism, and violence.  

Parler’s CEO John Matze went on Fox News where he criticized Apple, Google, and Amazon and said they are trying to bring down his company. Matze even complained that even his lawyers “ditched” his company.

Dan Bongino, a former police officer and a FOX News commentator, published a post on Parler. He said in the post that the company is not yet done with Google and Apple and that everyone should stay tuned for what’s coming. A Parlor user even commented that someone with explosives training was to pay a visit to some AWS Data Centers and their locations are public knowledge.

In any case, tech experts believe that it will be very challenging for Parler to recover any time soon, from a technical standpoint. The thing is migrating complex software solutions that encompass a huge array of AWS’s services can take months. How will Parler manage that? It’s yet to be seen if the company will manage to do so any time soon.

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