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Amazon now has a totally-not-creepy way to buy clothes that fit you

It’s safe to say that many of us are wary of digital services. It makes sense. They take our data, use it to target us with ads, and who knows what else.

Now, while the FTC looks at major companies and how their privacy policies actually work, Amazon is rolling out a tool that – wait for it – encourages users to send full-body pictures of themselves in order to buy clothes that fit them appropriately.

Called Made for You, the service is intended to help people find the perfect fit for t-shirts. In addition to pictures, you’ll need to provide your height, weight, and body style, as well. Then, Amazon takes all of this information to create a virtual body double that you can use to try on clothes.

Screenshot: KnowTechie

Right now, the feature is limited to $25 t-shirts, but according to CNBC, the company hopes to expand the functionality to additional styles, body types, and more.

Amazon also notes that it deletes your pictures after the virtual body double is created.

This is just the latest fashion-focused product from Amazon. Recently, the company also rolled out a personal shopping service. This was an expansion to its 2018 service, Amazon Wardrobe.

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