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Apple could be releasing a more durable Apple Watch as early as this year

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the people at Apple are considering releasing a more rugged version of the Apple Watch. An individual, who chose to remain anonymous, said that the company could release the new version of the smartwatch as early as 2021 or 2022. This new edition would have the same functionalities as the typical Apple Watch, but with a much more durable, rubberized casing.

The Apple Watch is currently a popular choice for individuals as an exercise tracker. The watches have been constantly updated over the years, adding different kinds of activity tracking to meet users needs. However, their aluminum casings can be too fragile for some of the more extreme environments.

Though the Apple Watch does have water resistant capabilities up to 50 meters, there are some brands, like Garmin and G-Shock, that offer smartwatch capabilities with a more durable design. These brands are currently more attractive to users that spend time in more harsh environments.

A more rugged Apple Watch would appeal to a different market

Though not much has been released regarding a more durable version of the Apple Watch, it would make sense for the company to consider something like this. The smartwatch has become a huge product for the company, and adding a version that would compete with the more heavy-duty smartwatches that are out there could help the company reach a variety of new users.

It is unlikely that the new watch would be released on its own. The new design would most likely release as an additional option alongside the updated traditional model, similar to the more affordable Apple Watch SE released last year that released with the Series 6.

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