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Apple’s macOS Monterey update is killing some people’s MacBooks

Apple’s highly anticipated macOS Monterey was finally released last week, and users have already been quick to rush and get the new operating system downloaded.

Unfortunately, it looks like the OS isn’t completely stable as of yet, and some users’ iMacs and more have been rendered useless after trying the update. Bricking issues range from iMacs and MacBook Pros to even the Mac mini. At present, it’s unclear exactly what is causing the issues.

Several users have posted on the official Apple forums about their troubles after trying to download Monterey on their Mac. Now, even more users have taken to Twitter to express their complaints.

It’s always important to take caution whenever a major update is released for a program, and that’s especially true for operating system updates. A failed operating system update can render your Mac useless, so definitely use caution when updating to Monterey.

Right now, it looks like this issue is mostly affecting older Macbooks, but there have been a couple of reports of newer devices experiencing issues with the Monterey update. However old or new your device is, it’s a good idea to make sure you back up your Mac’s data through Time Machine before trying the new install.

Obviously, some people are very upset about this, and rightly so. For a lot of people, computers are necessary, everyday devices that we need to take care of business.

When an operating system launches with problems like Monterey has, it can be a very frustrating, and even costly, experience. Hopefully, Apple will address these issues as quickly as possible.

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