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Can the PlayStation 5 play DVD movies?

Sony really isn’t messing around when it comes to the PlayStation 5. The ninth-generation console is a beast of a machine, with 4K gaming and access to the full PS4 library of games.

And gaming isn’t the only thing that you can do with the PS5. The console is also a full-on media device, with the option to watch movies and television through streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus.

But with everything seemingly moving towards a more digital age, what about older forms of media. Most people stream and receive their content digitally these days, but there are plenty of us that still have physical collections. So can the PlayStation 5 play those old DVDs that are piled up in the closet?

Can the PlayStation 5 play DVDs?

Short answer: Yes

Not only does the PlayStation 5 feature an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive capable of playing Blu-rays, Sony didn’t forget about the old DVD format, and the console also doubles (triples?) as a DVD player.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to get your hands on a new PlayStation 5 console yet and you want to make sure you can play your DVDs, do keep this one thing in mind: The PS5 Digital Edition doesn’t come with a disc drive at all, so you’ll have to make sure you snag a Standard Edition if you’re looking to play any sort of physical media.

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