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Can you download Netflix shows and movies on a laptop?

Netflix is one of the largest streaming services, with an insane amount of content to watch. The whole “streaming” part used to mean you needed an internet connection, but Netflix added the ability to download stuff for offline viewing.

The thing is, Netflix originally only allowed downloads on mobile devices. You might be thinking “but I want to watch on my larger laptop screen, can I do that?”

We’ll answer that question for you, and tell you what you need to know about the whole process.

Can you download Netflix content to watch later on your laptop?

Short answer: Yes, with one big catch

While you can watch Netflix on your laptop from any browser, there’s only one way to download content to watch later. That’s the Netflix app, which you have to get from the Microsoft Store.

Once installed, sign in and search for what you want. Netflix will happily fill up your laptop’s hard drive with all the shows and movies you want to watch offline.

Image: KnowTechie

There is one big catch to downloading Netflix shows to watch on your laptop. MacBook users are sadly excluded. There’s no Netflix app for macOS, so you can’t download content for later viewing.

There is one workaround for this – the Netflix iOS app lets you download content. You can download shows on your iPad or iPhone, then use AirPlay to stream those files to your MacBook.

M1-powered MacBook owners don’t even need to do that, as they can install the iOS app on their device.

There you have it, everything you need to know about downloading Netflixing shows and movies to your laptop or desktop computer.

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