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Can you edit the App Library in iOS 14?

If you’ve always hated how iOS litters your home screens with every single app you install, you’ll love the new changes in iOS 14. Now, whenever you install an app, it’ll get automatically sorted into the new App Library, which groups all your apps into categories so you can find them easier.

All of your current apps will be there too, so you can start cleaning up your cluttered home screen for some space to add widgets. You can even tell iOS to only put icons for newly installed apps into this new section, so they only show up on your home screen if you manually add them later.

This automatic grouping is great, but can you edit the App Library to your liking?

So, can you edit the App Library on your iOS 14 device?

The App Library is automatically sorted into categories with all of your installed apps. You don’t have any control over the category names or even how the apps inside get grouped. The top left section is always Suggestions, based on the apps you use the most, and the top right section is for Recently Added apps. That’s handy for finding things you just downloaded or your go-to’s if they’re not already on your home screen.

While you can’t edit the App Library, you can make changes to your Home Screen. Long-pressing any app icon will let you move it to only the App Library by tapping Remove App then Move to App Library. You can even set iOS 14 only to put newly installed apps into the App Library. Head to Settings > Home Screen and select “App Library Only” from the default “Add to Home Screen.”

Maybe Apple will let users edit the App Library at some point in the future. Until then, enjoy the ability to clean up your cluttered Home Screens.

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