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Why keeping your old car is better than buying a new Tesla

Hybrid or full electric? Elon Musk sells a nice idea, but it might be more eco of you just to stick with your old car

If you’ve been looking for the perfect electric car for your summer vacation or a long weekend getaway, why not take your time and consider the benefits of keeping your old car in your garage instead? You may be surprised by the benefits that a properly maintained older car can offer.

There is no denying that owning an electric car is an exciting proposition. As the price for these vehicles drops, many people are taking advantage of them and driving them. While most electric cars are relatively inexpensive, some of them can become quite expensive if you want one that is right for you.

If you don’t know what it will cost to own an electric car, start by estimating the amount of money you Read more

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Clunker cars are choking Africa

Clunkers from America, Europe and Japan clog the air in Africa. Can’t we send them electric cars already? Image via Reuters

My dad’s friend Kofi used to come over every few months to see how many old and used bicycles my dad had found while curbside shopping. Dad loved to collect old and used stuff from the garbage and made a living out of it – finding homes for old computers back in the day, recycling metal, or selling his items at a vintage shop.

Kofi could buy 100 bikes at a time, some for $5, some up to $20. The idea was to ship them in shipping containers to his homeland in Ghana, western Africa. There Kofi’s family fixed them up and resold them for a handsome profit, even though to us all those old bikes were thought of as junk, not even worth their weight in scrap metal. … Read more

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Electric roads get real in Tel Aviv


This is what an electric road looks like. It means fewer charges for your EV.


Tel Aviv is about to ride down Electric Avenue. The city which has ironically doubled its taxes to local businesses during a Covid-19 shutdown, aims to take some progressive measures to make its city smart at least in the transportation sense. 


Skytrans didn’t quite take off. But an electric road?

Also years ago there were talks about an electric hover-rail Skytrans which didn’t come to pass and Electroad in 2016. But that idea didn’t come to pass either. Its website is down. And there is the billion dollar failure of Better Place. We test drove one of their electric cars years ago. While the city chugs along building its light rail train by laying down tracks it announces its plan to pilot an e-road or electric road system to power vehicles travelling on it.… Read more

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Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Around the City

These days, there are more eco-friendly ways to move around, thanks to the launched eco-friendly initiatives. The world is turning to eco-friendly ways of doing things, and traveling is part of these initiatives. Whatever you are using to roam around the city, make sure it’s eco-friendly. What are these ways? This article will discuss some of the eco-friendly ways you can use within the town. Here is the list.


Other than not emitting carbon monoxide, cycling is one of the best methods for exercising. When was the last time you were on a bike? The good thing about any type of bicycles is that they don’t use fuel and are low in maintenance. They can also move in narrow places and lousy terrain, where vehicles can’t maneuver. Also, some states have constructed cycling paths within the main road to accommodate cyclists. Other than keeping you healthy, riding a bike Read more

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Solar powered yacht – sails and moors for off-grid escape

A movable home that can plunge its support deep into the water against hurricanes, or be brought on land to live off-grid.

I grew up as a Dutch girl in Canada. Among part of our family’s storytelling and legends was the tale about the Dutch boy who plugged a dyke with his thumb to save his town, the country, the world? from an encroaching sea. The flatlands people of Holland or The Netherlands as you might call them are at home with the idea of climate adverse consequences.

artuk's solar power house boat roams to any city

The houseboat reimagined

The national psyche is built on man against nature or man with nature, and for that the Dutch people have been reasonably doing unreasonable things against climate change and for helping the environment. See our article on the extraordinary city of Rotterdam, the home to one of resident writers, or Boyan Slat, who boldly plans to clean … Read more