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5 Ways to Use Digital Signage Solutions to Increase Customer Engagement

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While architects and design consultants understand the importance of digital signage solutions for promotional and wayfinding purposes, many businesses do not. New businesses, in particular, fail to realize the hidden potential of high-quality wayfinding and signage solutions.

Signage is more than just a platform for advertisement and mapping.

Signage is also a crucial architectural element. When signage systems are both functional and aesthetically sound, a unique visual language is communicated. This can result in a holistic and unique experience for visitors within the retail space.

For design consultants advising new businesses, signage can transform an existing operating model, enhancing the customer experience. Design consultants can create a retail blueprint with signage as a digital differentiator for future growth.

Design consultants and architects in an advisory role can use the information below to help businesses achieve their strategic goals within their new retail space.

Understanding the Importance of

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iFi xDSD Portable Bluetooth DAC and Headphone Amplifier

The Good

Excellent sound quality

500mW is plenty of power for most headphones

All the file support you could want

So many connectivity options

The Bad

LED indicators are hard to memorize (but then you don’t really need to know what they’re saying)

No USB-C, OTG, or other portable cables included (need to buy seperately)

If you’re in the market for a DAC/AMP combo unit, there is a huge list of options to choose from. That list narrows substantially if you want portability, and even further if you throw the need for wireless connectivity in the mix. One of the latest devices joining the small group of do-everything combo units is the xDSD from iFi audio.

This little black box comes with 500mW of power, enough for all but the hardest-to-drive headphones, Bluetooth and wired connectivity options, and an internal battery that can power your tunes for up to

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Your Essential UX Checklist

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You can create a product unlike anything on the market, offer the most competitive prices in town, or deliver best-in-class customer service—but ultimately, these selling points may fall flat if they’re not backed with strategic UX design.

In the world of digital marketing, user experience (UX) encompasses all aspects of a user’s interaction with your company including its website, apps, goods, services, and so on. It focuses on real humans (like you and me) and all the emotions they experience when engaging with your digital interface or physical product.

Think about the last time you searched for something; were you left frustrated and annoyed, or conveniently impressed? Even if these feelings are subconscious, they guide our purchasing decisions, nonetheless.

A good UX design taps into behavioral psychology in an attempt to steer consumer compasses and point them toward a purchase. There are many moving pieces to this

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5 gadgets for productive and enjoyable business travel

Technology makes the modern business world go round, and when it comes to frequent or even occasional business travel, gadgets and tech become absolutely essential if you want to stay productive and have a good time. While there are some gadgets that you take on your vacations that can find their way into your travel bag as well, business travel tech is more about convenience and functionality than anything else, simply because you need to be able to work from anywhere seamlessly and efficiently.

For example, you might want to bring your Kindle e-reader and other entertainment gadgets on your vacation and on your business trip, but chances are that you won’t need a wireless router or a VoIP app on your phone. With that in mind, today we are taking a look at the essential gadgets that you need to have at your side for a productive and rewarding

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The Small Business Guide to Information Security

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Information security is a major issue in the business world, and security breaches cost businesses millions of dollars per year. But they can be particularly disastrous to small businesses.

As a matter of fact, it was reported that each cyber attack costs small business owners $200,000 on average, which is more than enough to put many out of business.

The worst is that about 40% of all cyber-attacks are perpetrated against small businesses, and only a fraction of them are prepared. In this article, we’re going to show you the exact steps you should take to layout an information security policy and plan of action for your small business.

Start with the Basics

One of the best and first things that you should do to ensure information security in your business is to install a firewall. A firewall acts as the first line of defense and will

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