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Israel’s boring company plans 90 miles of underground trains

Get stuck in an Israeli gridlock and you feel like you are better off in LA. The fast lane doesn’t really work. Traffic in the Mediterranean sun makes people nervous, especially when it can take you an hour to drive 3 miles. There is no wonder the dangerous but fast electric mopeds and bikes have taken the city by storm. With little oversight and supervision, kids bones are getting broken and grannies overturned as the merciless young cyclists overtake the citizens of Jaffa and Tel Aviv, day by day by day.

The idea of an Israeli subway system always seemed perilous in the height of terror attacks in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. A bus with 20 or 50 people blowing up isn’t tolerable, but a mass transit system with an expected 2 million passengers per day, about 1/4 of the country’s population? That’s what’s being planned for Israel. We … Read more

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Build and brand your own electric car onto Ree’s flat-packed modular chassis

Like the cellphone industry, the automotive one likely won’t go electric like Japan. With Tesla like Apple, bet that all the automobile players will rally around components like this one, a chassis by an Israeli company Ree. Ree’s platform houses all of a car’s major components – brakes, thermal systems, motor and drivetrain – next to the wheels.

Ree Automotive, an electric car chassis platform company from Tel Aviv has been named as one of ten game-changing companies by Bloomberg for its novel EV platform – flat, scalable and modular and offers customers full design freedom to create the broadest range of EV and autonomous vehicles for current and future use. REE’s new platform approach, provides access to hundreds of production lines. Eat your heart out Elon Musk and Tesla!

Michael Wilshire, from the Bloomberg group that awarded Ree the prize, said: “Ree is literally reinventing the wheel with … Read more

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VIDEO: Israelis 3D print an entire airplane and test pad

A team of Israeli students have completed a maiden voyage of a 3D printed airplane. The big idea is to find a way to redesign aircraft of the future so they are more fuel efficient and less damaging to the planet. Now all they need to do is scale up the model and partner up with the Swiss team that flies solar and they might have a match made in eco-heaven. Aviation needs greening, says moonshot seeker Geoffrey Lipman, founder of a new organization to scout for solutions in the industry. 

Solar powered plane (finally) completes round-the-world flight

The Israeli solution is not just a plane, but a test pad for testing new ideas: their A3TB – Active Aeroelastic Aircraft Testbed – is an experimental platform for studying phenomena related to wing flexibility and future flexible aircraft design that are eco friendly, says the team. 

Designing modern aircraft includes Read more

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Biofriendly’s fuel additive makes dirty fuel burn cleaner

Until we all own one of these, getting cleaner fuel at the pump should be on your radar.

Okay the electrified Tesla you are dreaming about doesn’t exactly match your budget thanks to layoffs or a reduced workload from COVID-19. And there are fewer cars on the road –– at least until this summer, likely, when everyone will want to head to the hills to get out of their cramped apartments or suburban routine. Newspapers like the New York Times are estimating an upswing in road travel and local vacations this summer as flying will be challenging, and international travel uncertain. 

Energy transition fuel before we all go electric

So there you are in your 2001 Honda Civic wondering if your car will last longer than the plague. Yes you want something better, your car and your reality, but this is what you have. Now when you are filling up Read more

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Jerusalem cyclists protest lake of bike lanes

They are not trying to change the holy order of things. Surely not in the Old City but Jerusalem cyclists want a few dedicated lanes to make cycling in any situation, plague or the good times, easier around Jerusalem.

Jerusalem. Not a dream city for cycling. It’s many hills, random intersections, cobbled roads, virtually inaccessible Old City, I tried. I really did. I cheated on Tel Aviv and lived in Jerusalem for 2 years. But I could never get around by bike. Despite its difficulty, there are plenty of people who do like to ride and build their calf muscles and they are protesting this Friday to the city, with the message:

“While cities in Israel and across the world are taking advantage of the current pandemic to improve their bicycle infrastructure, the Jerusalem Municipality is doing… nothing.”

According to the group Bicycles for Jerusalem, they say that coronavirus timesRead more