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Can You Use an Electric or Hybrid Car to Get a Title Loan?

#Vanlife can be for everyone in turbulent times

So you want to be green, cut on your carbon footprint and go electric? Want to finance one car against the cost of another? This is an area called title loans. A title loan is a kind of short-term loan that uses the borrower’s car as collateral to secure the debt. The most common reason that someone will apply for a title loan is if they do not qualify for any other kind of financing, which makes sense if you don’t have the responsibility of owning a lot of assets, except for maybe a tiny home. But think about what’s happening with Covid now? Maybe you want to buy an RV and take a long ride out of town for a few months or convert a van into a #vanlife experience in nature. A title loan? Your friend. 

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Saudi women take to the skies

A government decision breaks the norms by allowing women to work as cabin crew

Despite Saudi activists going to prison for women’s rights, Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) over the weekend opened the door for Saudi women to work as flight attendants for the first time.

The kingdom’s flag carrier clarified in a statement on Friday that Saudi female applicants must be high school graduates between the ages of 20 and 30, with the “required level of the English language,” that their weight be “proportional to the height in accordance with the standards of Saudi Airlines” and that they pass a medical examination.

Saudia is the third-largest carrier in the Middle East in terms of revenue, behind Emirates and Qatar Airways.

Karema Bokhary, an analyst and academic who was a candidate in Riyadh’s 2015 municipal council elections, suggested to The Media Line that in five years or so, Saudi … Read more

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Green Planet: How Nations From Around the World Are Working to Save the Planet

Hybrid or full electric? Elon Musk who seems so American made the electric car dream attainable. But he’s from South Africa.

Sometimes, US citizens have a hard time thinking globally. We get caught up in local politics and are less likely to read sources of world news. As the home of innovation centers like Silicon Valley, Americans also tend to have tunnel vision when it comes to recognizing the contributions to big ideas by non-Americans.

This is not to discount green energy efforts spearheaded in the States. Americans can easily find information on energy-saving efforts such as People can easily find charging stations for electric vehicles and infrastructure for other conservationist ideas.

That said, there are a lot of people doing great things all over the world. Their efforts need to be recognized and applauded. Here are a handful that come to mind:

The ECO Bible

eco bible, by Jonathan Neril

When one … Read more

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Why keeping your old car is better than buying a new Tesla

Hybrid or full electric? Elon Musk sells a nice idea, but it might be more eco of you just to stick with your old car

If you’ve been looking for the perfect electric car for your summer vacation or a long weekend getaway, why not take your time and consider the benefits of keeping your old car in your garage instead? You may be surprised by the benefits that a properly maintained older car can offer.

There is no denying that owning an electric car is an exciting proposition. As the price for these vehicles drops, many people are taking advantage of them and driving them. While most electric cars are relatively inexpensive, some of them can become quite expensive if you want one that is right for you.

If you don’t know what it will cost to own an electric car, start by estimating the amount of money you Read more

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Clunker cars are choking Africa

Clunkers from America, Europe and Japan clog the air in Africa. Can’t we send them electric cars already? Image via Reuters

My dad’s friend Kofi used to come over every few months to see how many old and used bicycles my dad had found while curbside shopping. Dad loved to collect old and used stuff from the garbage and made a living out of it – finding homes for old computers back in the day, recycling metal, or selling his items at a vintage shop.

Kofi could buy 100 bikes at a time, some for $5, some up to $20. The idea was to ship them in shipping containers to his homeland in Ghana, western Africa. There Kofi’s family fixed them up and resold them for a handsome profit, even though to us all those old bikes were thought of as junk, not even worth their weight in scrap metal. … Read more