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Is it better to use a PlayStation or Xbox controller with your PC?

If you’re a PC gamer, in theory, you could use any input devices that you choose, as long as they’ll plug into USB or have a dongle adapter. That opens the door for choosing which control device suits your needs instead of being stuck with whichever controller comes with your console.

That even means you could use console controllers with your PC, because we realize that not everyone can (or wants to) use keyboard and mouse. That could be personal preference, or some injury or disability that reduces your movement, or you’ve realized that struggling with racing games with keyboard controls is a waste, but for whatever reason, you might want to use a controller.

The thing is, how do you know which controller to use?

So, which controller is best to use with your computer?

Short answer: Any Xbox controller

If you’re buying a controller to use with

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Another way to be embarrassingly eliminated is coming to Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the massive sleeper hit from Mediatonic and Devolver Digital, is getting its first update. Included in the patch will be Jump Showdown, the “fan-favorite” level from the beta. It’s the one with a large booms that spins around, knocking players off, while sections of the floor fall away. The developers say […]

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What if your Camera Security System Itself is Not Secured?

Though a camera security system is installed to pare down the risk of burglaries and protect family and business assets from criminals. Home automation, alarm systems, Wi-Fi home surveillance systems are the powerful technologies that apart from protecting our possessions, also raising the standard of living. Auto-activation of the alarm system when someone tries to march into your home, automatic door locks and there many other features of home security systems that can keep you free from worries when you are gone. With a Wi-Fi home surveillance system, you can access the footage of any camera installed in your home or office.

If you wonder how a real-time footage from Wi-Fi home surveillance system can be a savior act for you, imagine a situation in which your property is intruded and you are not there to safeguard it. However, when you have seen the intruder and you have automatic door

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Can you use a keyboard and mouse with the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles on the market, with a huge range of high-quality games with that signature Nintendo charm. The thing is, those Joy-Con controllers were made for smaller hands. What can you do if you can’t get to grips with the Joy-Cons?

You could buy the Pro controller, and get a similar experience to when you use your Xbox, but then you still have to rely on the virtual keyboard for typing in things like passwords. Isn’t there an easier way? With the USB ports on the dock, can you just plug in a keyboard and use it with your Nintendo Switch? What about using a mouse to control your games?

So, can you use a keyboard and mouse with your Nintendo Switch?

Short answer: Yes, but you need some accessories to use them in the same way you would on

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Review: Audeze LCD-1 headphones – planars that don’t break the bank

The Good

Extremely detailed



The Bad

Need an amp to get the best out of them

If you’re familiar with Audeze, you’ll know that its flagship planar driver headphones can set you back thousands of dollars, so when we heard there was a new, relatively low-cost version coming out, the $400 LCD-1, we were immediately interested.

I mean the company has a long history of creating headphones for professional audio engineers and musicians, so to listen to one of their first created-for-home-use devices? I’m all in on that.

So, with that pedigree, just how much sound quality does $399 get you?

So, what’s it all about?

Image: Joe Rice-Jones / KnowTechie

The Audeze LCD-1’s are made around the company’s 90mm planar magnetic drivers, which enables them to make the headphones more portable while still keeping audio quality intact. That portability extends to a foldable design, and

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