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Age of Wonders: Planetfall finally launches into space on November 10

No one who’s actually spent time with Age of Wonders: Planetfall would accuse it of being a sci-fi skin draped over an Age of Wonders fantasy skeleton. There are just too many differences since Age of Wonders was about hobbits and elves and fireball spells. But it is one of those space-faring sci-fi games that […]

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The Role Of IT In Compliance – Information Technology Blog

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Owing to the benefit galore that it promises business, building your corporate culture around adherence to compliance is a necessity. A culture of compliance reduces the chances that your business will have to deal with non-compliance fines. It also protects you from most non-compliant risks, from the risk of data loss to the loss of compliance-conscious customers.

While compliance officers are essential to run a smooth compliance program, the role of the IT department in achieving compliance cannot be gainsaid. Ideally, IT teams ensure that your business can be active in meeting regulatory requirements, instead of reactive. You can not only identify risks proactively but also approach compliance from an agile perspective.

Here is the pivotal role IT plays in achieving compliance:

Tracking The Different Policies

Policy management is an essential part of compliance. Conventionally, businesses used to rely on paper-based systems to track policies, but this

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Apple’s new MagSafe can now wirelessly charge an iPhone 12 twice as fast

Apple just finished showing off its latest devices, in the form of the iPhone 12 range and the new HomePod mini. Any Apple fan would have noticed a familiar branding name among the iPhone 12 specifications, which used to be a safety feature on the MacBook range, MagSafe.

See, in Apple’s world, trademarks never die and can be reused for new uses. MagSafe used to connect the power brick to the MacBook, so anyone tripping on the cable only pulled the cable out, instead of the MacBook taking a tumble. It was phased out between 2016 and 2019 when Apple shifted the MacBook to USB-C, but it’s back again. It doesn’t do the same thing on the iPhone 12 range though, so let’s dive into how it’s different.

The new MagSafe is a multi-purpose magnetic array on the back panel of the iPhone 12 range

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The other Cyberpunk game is launching in November too

Cyberpunk RED, the pen & paper sequel to Cyberpunk 2020, should hit bookshelves on November 19th. Publisher R. Talsorian Games announced the release date at the New York City Comic Con this past weekend. If you can’t wait, or just don’t care about the analog experience of gaming with a physical book, the digital version […]

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Choosing the Best SEO Hosting for Your Website – Information Technology Blog

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SEO friendly hosting (Search Engine Optimization) is a new term that has recently appeared in the field of web hosting.

SEO hosting differs from the regular hosting that we used to hear about in the website hosting world. Both however refer to hosting of websites through web hosting companies, but SEO hosting may be meant to increase visitors access to these websites on the Internet.  Do your research and find a hosting comparison site to compare the differences.

So, what is the difference between regular hosting and SEO friendly hosting?

SEO hosting is the best approach to optimize your website on different search engines, especially on the most popular ones such as Google and Bing.

On the other hand, regular hosting is not able to optimize your website because it uses IPs of the same C Class to host different and several websites.

The most important factors

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