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Video Transport used for remote editorial review at ITN Productions

ITN Productions is a production company that sits under the umbrella of ITN, the largest news organization in the UK, and makes sports, television and advertising productions — such as TV commercials and branded content. This story is about how Video Transport helped with the editing process during the virus-imposed restrictions. We had a conversation with Olly Strous and Josh Obrien to understand the details.

We have used Video Transport to aid the creation process across all of the shows we have delivered since operating under lockdown conditions.

An episode on coronavirus aired by Channel 4.

Initially looking for a solution that could take the NDI feed being cast across the network directly from Avid Media Composer and present it as a preview link to producers for an over the shoulder view of the timeline, the team discovered that the VT Receiver app can also pick that signal up and … Read more

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Video Transport helps remotely produce esports racing events

When we covered Weave Creative Media in our previous story, we mentioned that they’ve always been into esports — producing important racing tournaments, often for well-known brands. This story is about how Video Transport was used to produce a series of esports events with remote contributors — anchors in different cities of Europe. Nicholas Boscarello has shared his team’s experience as well as details about the production setup.

In Italy every video production was cancelled. All esports events were planned to be at real locations, but this COVID situation really, really changed the method of work — now we need to transport feeds between cities to do everything remotely.

Their most recent production was for the SRO Motorsports Group, where real racing drivers, including Formula One stars Jenson Button and Charles Leclerc, took part in a competition on the Assetto Corsa Competizione platform — a professional simulator by Italian … Read more

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The video SDK roadmap for Q2 2020

With the pandemic situation, a lot of our focus lately has been on Video Transport — but we keep working on the video SDK as well, and here’s what our goals are for Q2.

Right now

In Q1 we released a beta version of the video SDK with significant internal changes in encoding and decoding processes. Our latest beta (released 2 weeks ago) has improved on these aspects — we expect it to be even more stable due to the optimizations we’ve made to MFCodecs.


For the next official release our plan is to focus on performance. Here’s what we’ll be working on:

  • general performance optimization;
  • GPU pipeline optimization;
  • transitions performance;
  • CG improvements.

Also, we will be updating to the latest DeckLink SDK to make sure all our customers can deploy new BMD drivers. Our goal is to produce a shippable version by the end of June.

Our further … Read more

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Video Transport powers a Unity-based virtual theatre project

Studio Biscoe is a creative studio run by visual and performance artist, director, producer, entrepreneur, designer and engineer Ian Biscoe. The studio creates artistic experiences across theatre, dance, music and installation bringing together audio & video streams, projection mapping, 3D engines, animation, analogue and digital electronics — often in transdisciplinary collaborations with musicians, composers, choreographers, dancers, stage directors & scientists.

On this particular occasion, Video Transport was used to connect remote participants — 200 university students working in groups during a week-long project — to a virtual theatre hosted in the cloud.

The project was created as a replacement for a planned physical activity due to the current pandemic.

Individual students working from home with different qualities of broadband connections used VT’s browser interface to stream VP9-encoded WebRTC feeds of their individual performances into the virtual theatre, as well as to receive streams from different virtual cameras. Selected students in … Read more