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How to force quit Mac apps that have frozen or crashed

If you’ve ever used a Mac, you probably know the spinning rainbow wheel of doom, as it’s affectionately known as. It’s Apple’s cue to you that an app is slowing down your beloved Mac, and also that you should really do something about it so you can get back to work.

It means that one of your apps has crashed, and instead of closing the app automatically, Apple lets you go find it and close it manually. Most of the time, you’ll know exactly which app it is, as it will be frozen and you won’t be able to select it using your cursor.

Switching between your running apps will show you which app it is, as you’ll see a normal mouse cursor on any apps running fine, and the spinning color wheel when the frozen app is selected. Now you know which app to deal with, here’s how

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Don’t get rid of that old Amazon Echo before doing these things

If you’ve recently upgraded to a new Echo device, you might be wondering what to do with your older device. Sure, you could move it to another room, so Alexa is available in every room. That does add some new Alexa features, such as stereo sound and multi-room music playback.

You might just want to clear out the space though, and either gift or sell your older Echo device. You’ll want to do some housekeeping before that though, as your Echo devices are a treasure trove of your personal information.

Oh, and while you’re here, go enter our giveaway for a new Amazon Echo Studio. Then, read on to find out what to do with your existing Echo device if you win.

Remove your Echo device from your Amazon account

Image: Unsplash

You don’t want whoever that buys your Echo device to have issues registering it to their own

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Here’s how to use the walkie-talkie feature on Apple Watch

I know I’m showing my age here, but I remember growing up wanting a Dick Tracy wristwatch that worked like a radio. Technology has moved on from those visions of the future now, and we can have cellular phones on our wrists, but that childhood dream still lives on.

It seems that someone at Apple also grew up with the same hankerings, because the Apple Watch has an inbuilt walkie-talkie app, that allows two Apple Watch users to easily talk to each other.

Here’s how to use the walkie-talkie feature built into your Apple Watch

Before we start, there are a few provisos we need to go over. You can’t use the Walkie-Talkie app with people that aren’t already on your contact list. Everyone will need an Apple Watch Series 1 or later that’s running WatchOS 5.3 or later.

They also need to set up FaceTime on their connected iPhone

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Is Xbox All Access a good deal?

If you’re hankering after one of the next-gen Xbox consoles, Microsoft added a new way to buy this time around. It’s called Xbox All Access, and it lets you spread the cost of your new console over 24 months.

Instead of buying your console outright, and paying a monthly subscription for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft bundles both costs together, so you pay $24.99 a month for the Xbox Series S, and $34.99 for the Xbox Series X. Seems like a good deal, right? One monthly payment, zero down, zero interest, one shiny new Xbox. So, is it? Are there any catches? Let’s find out.

So, is Xbox All Access worth it?

Short answer: Yes, if you were planning on subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate anyway

Let’s talk numbers. Either you cough up the cash for your console upfront, in one lump sum, then subscribe

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A researcher is archiving deleted posts from Parler, including location data

A researcher, known by her Twitter handle @donk_enby, has started a campaign of collecting data from Parler, the platform where conservatives can practice what they call “free speech.” However, the platform quickly turned out into a hotbed of racism, conspiracy theories posted by far-right groups, and death threats directed toward well-known politicians.

Furthermore, Parler is labeled as one of the few apps used by insurgents to plan and coordinate the assault of the Capitol, aimed at diminishing the 2020 election results and keeping Donald Trump in the White House.

@donk_enby took it upon herself to catalog and archive every post on Parler, starting from January 6th. According to her, the scope of her effort includes collecting data, which will be very incriminating evidence, and creating a publicly available database for future researchers.

Her efforts became increasingly important as it appeared that Parler was living its

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