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Twitter is going to relaunch its verification system next year

If you’ve always wanted a blue checkmark next to your name on Twitter, you might get your chance next year. Twitter has announced a relaunch of its verification program in 2021, for accounts that fit specific criteria in six categories. It’s taking the time before the relaunch to get public feedback on its proposed policies, so speak up if you want your voice heard.

Initially, Twitter will open the verification program for six types of accounts: Government; Companies, Brands and Non-Profit Organizations; News; Entertainment; Sports; and Activists, Organizers, and Other Influential Individuals. Those categories may get added to in time if Twitter decides other classifications are in the public interest.

Twitter also plans to have rules about how to keep in good standing with the platform, as well as plans for removing verified status from accounts that don’t adhere to the new rules.

This reopening of the verification

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Jeff Bezos has donated $684 million worth of Amazon stock to non-profits

Jeff Bezos has donated shares worth $684 million from the Bezos Earth Fund to multiple non-profit organizations.

Until recently, Bezos has regularly been criticized for his modest philanthropic efforts. In the meantime, he became the world’s richest person with an estimated fortune of $183.6 billion.  Earlier this year, the billionaire founded his Earth Fund, designed to battle climate change. This $10 billion endeavor has been active since February this year. 

In a recent Instagram post, Jeff Bezos announced that he had selected sixteen NGOs to receive grants from his Bezos Earth Fund.

The list of Grantees include: 

  • World Wildlife Fund
  • World Resources Institute
  • Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Salk Institute for Biological Studies
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Natural Resources Defense Council
  • NDN Collective
  • Rocky Mountain Institute
  • The Solutions Project
  • Dream Corps Green For All
  • Energy Foundation
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Eden Reforestation Projects
  • The Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund
  • The Hive
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Microsoft Edge is adding new features including built-in promo codes

Microsoft has added new features like coupon and promo codes, PDF annotation, and screenshot inking to Microsoft Edge.

Earlier this month, Microsoft Edge introduced a set of new updates to its users. The chromium-based browser is getting very proactive in its effort to increase its market share.

The most notable update, and also considered the most innovative one, is its price comparison tool. It is a feature that will allow Edge users to create lists of products inside a collection. Once the user creates the list, users will be able to compare their products’ prices with prices for the exact products from other retailers. To that end, they will be able to use a “compare price to other retailers” button to make the comparison. The price comparison feature is perfectly timed as the holiday season is about to start. So everyone will want to get the best possible deals. 


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Review: HyperX QuadCast S – a solid mid-level mic

The Good

Easy to set up

Different polar patterns can be changed at the twist of a knob

RGB, for reasons


The Bad

Mic sensitivity was a bit spotty on different polar patterns

Livestreaming and game streaming continue to grow in popularity, but as more people turn to the virtual world of streaming on sites like Twitch, the demand for higher quality products also rises.

While many successful streamers have started with webcams and Xbox microphones, we’re getting to a point where many that are starting out – or those looking to up their proverbial game – are looking for higher-end options that can help set them apart, without breaking the bank.

While having a nice camera is a great addition to any livestream, having solid audio is arguably even more important, as many people listen to streams in the background and crystal-clear audio will be more of

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The PlayStation 5 is “absolutely” sold out, according to CEO Jim Ryan

If you’ve been having a hard time securing a next-gen console, just know that you’re not alone. While I would love to come in here and tell you not to worry, that sadly isn’t the case, at least with Sony’s PlayStation 5.

In an interview with Russian news site TASS, Sony CEO Jim Ryan spoke about the hardships of launching a console during a pandemic. We already knew that Sony was having trouble with PS5 demands and manufacturing due to shutdowns, but the interview gives a more intimate look at what the company was going through.

While the interview is definitely worth a read, one important thing to note is on current supply and demand and what Ryan is seeing from their end, and what that means for people looking to snag a console.

When asked about first-week sales, Ryan says, “Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold. ”

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