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Twitter is encouraging US users to vote early with hashtags and emojis

Twitter is actively promoting early voting, and they intend to use their massive influence to help people to do so. Every US citizen with a Twitter account will receive a notification on their timeline, encouraging them to cast their vote early.

Twitter is doing this in conjunction with Ballot Ready, a non-partisan organization that wants to encourage voters to get out and place their votes.

Twitter will also encourage US users to retweet early voting information so that the news reaches their followers. Plus, those tweets that include hashtags such as #IVoted, #YoVote, #IVotedEarly, or #VotedEarly, will get an animated ‘Like’ button and a custom emoji.

In light of the US presidential election, Twitter took several steps to minimize the spread of fake news and misinformation. As a result, they included a set of restrictions and warnings for misleading tweets. For example, if a tweet got labeled as misleading,

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Amazon will pay you to look at your non-Amazon purchases

It seems that Amazon can’t get enough of user data, even after their latest scandal in which it was revealed that they’d used third-party sellers data to improve its products. US regulators even called their CEO, Jeff Bezos, to testify in front of Congress regarding those exact policies earlier this year. Conveniently for the company, Bezos said that he couldn’t confirm any such policy.

Now, a few months later, Amazon wants another crack at user data. This time they are politely asking for it and even willing to pay people for data on their spending habits. The process will take place through their Amazon Shopper Panel program.

The Amazon Shopper Panel is an invite-only and opt-in program where users need to take snaps of their paper receipts. Program participants will need to download the Shopper Panel app (Android and iOS) to take snaps of their paper

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Amazon Prime subscribers now get free, one-hour pickup Whole Foods

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you just got another sweet benefit to make use of. Starting now, all Prime members can get free, one-hour pickup from any Whole Foods location. That’s all 487 locations nationwide.

The curbside pickup is free if you order over $35 of groceries. That’s a nice perk, letting you order your groceries online, then drive down to your local Whole Foods to have them do a contact-free curbside to your car. Fantastic.

With contactless deliveries on the rise and roughly a third of Americans saying they’d happily never set foot inside a store again, this is only going to help Whole Foods sales figures. We’ve been grocery shopping online exclusively since before the pandemic hit, and I can’t see us going back either.

Will more supermarkets open up warehouse-style stores, used only by pickers for online orders, like the one Whole Foods opened in New

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You can now have Google Photos send you physical prints every month

Having a camera handy at all times on your smartphone is great, but those memories only ever live in the cloud nowadays. I mean, when was the last time you got an actual photograph developed or printed out one of the myriad images you take every day?

Google wants to change that, with a new $6.99 a month service built into Google Photos, which will use AI to select 10 of your best photos that month, print them out, and mail them to your door.

The feature was recently announced after Google trialed the service over most of this year. The only real difference that all of that testing produced? A dollar less on the subscription cost once the service goes live in “the coming weeks.” Nice.

If the thought of AI picking out what it thinks are your best photos every month fills you with dread, no need

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Can you edit the App Library in iOS 14?

If you’ve always hated how iOS litters your home screens with every single app you install, you’ll love the new changes in iOS 14. Now, whenever you install an app, it’ll get automatically sorted into the new App Library, which groups all your apps into categories so you can find them easier.

All of your current apps will be there too, so you can start cleaning up your cluttered home screen for some space to add widgets. You can even tell iOS to only put icons for newly installed apps into this new section, so they only show up on your home screen if you manually add them later.

This automatic grouping is great, but can you edit the App Library to your liking?

So, can you edit the App Library on your iOS 14 device?

The App Library is automatically sorted into categories with all of your

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