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Review: Renpho Air Purifier – can this air purifier help with asthma?

The Good

Simple to get it up and running

Multiple fan modes is a nice touch

Makes air quality noticeable lighter and fresher


The Bad

Runs a little loud, but sleep mode helps with the noise

My mother-in-law, God bless her heart, suffers from severe asthma. Sometimes when we go out for walks, we have to take a break every five minutes or so for her to catch her breath. It has to be one of the scariest things in the world to have to deal with this affliction.

I can’t imagine what it feels like not being able to breathe, so when I offered to let her try out the Renpho Air Purifier to see if it would help with her breathing, we decided it couldn’t hurt to try it out. Anything that could offer some level of relief would be a welcome addition to her life.


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How to choose the right power supply for your computer – 2020 edition

When you decide to build a new computer, it’s easy to overlook the humble power supply unit (PSU).

I mean, it’s not exactly the most exciting part of your new computer, with most of the coverage going to the parts it powers. Still, it’s one of the most important parts of your build, if not the most important. Nothing else you buy will work without it, after all.

A few extra minutes taken in your buying decision will pay off in the long run. A quality PSU can not only supply this build, but can also power your next build, and probably the one after that. See, the ATX specification for PSUs isn’t going away anytime soon, and it’s the rest of the components in your build that get upgraded most often.

Figure out what wattage you need

Image: BeQuiet!

The biggest question when you’re speccing out a PSU is

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Ten years later, I finally understand why people like Audible

A few months back, right when COVID-19 started forcing everyone indoors, I started using my extra time to work on my life. Nothing major, but just little things to improve me and my digital wellbeing. First, it was taking a hard look at the subscriptions I was paying for and, more recently, using the Calm app to help with my sleep issues.

Now, I’m working to address something that I’ve ignored in recent years – reading books. As a writer, I know that reading books can be a great help in creativity, inspiration, and more, but with life being life books have been one thing I have put on the backburner for far too long.

While I haven’t been doing much in terms of actually reading, I’m finally seeing what all the hype is when it comes to audiobooks. I’ve always been opposed to them, never really understanding the hype.

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Kami Wireless Outdoor Cam – for the price, you can’t beat it

The Good

Completely wireless

Super simple to get up and running

Excellent battery life

It’s generously affordable

The Bad

The app can get glitchy at times

False positives could be a problem, depending where you have the camera mounted

No smart home integration

I’m not going to lie, one of the main reasons why I’ve never installed an outdoor cam is because I’ve always figured it was a complicated process. Things like running a wire to the camera. Drilling holes into my house. Finding a place where the camera can access my WiFi network. You know, that whole shebang. Really, it just sounds like a massive project. There’s a reason why I’m a tech blogger and not someone who installs security systems for a living.

So when I stumbled across this $89 Kami Wireless Outdoor Cam, a company spokesperson for YI told me I didn’t have to worry about

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Is there a PC that is like the Nintendo Switch?

Everyone loves the versatility of the Nintendo Switch, leading to stock issues as it seems to be an essential item these days. Are there any other alternatives? What if you want to do some work on your new device instead of just playing games?

What if there was a computer in the same form factor, so you can do some work in between playing the latest games? Heck, with everyone doing work-from-home, you might even be able to expense it. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

So, has anyone made a PC that’s similar to the Nintendo Switch?

Short answer: Yes

What if I told you that a PC accessories company had made a Windows tablet with side-mounted controllers, similar to the Nintendo Switch – a full four years before Nintendo released the Switch? That company was Razer, with the Razer Edge. It has Intel Core processors, Nvidia graphics, and

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