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Six reasons that PC gaming will always be close to my heart

Before I start I just want to get one thing clear. This won’t be a rant about why PC gaming is better than consoles, because I genuinely feel that there is a place for both. Just let people enjoy what they enjoy, where they want to enjoy it, and society will be a better place for it.

My first gaming experiences were split between my Apple IIc, and early consoles owned by friends, such as the Colecovision, Commodore64, and Atari. I was entranced by the escapism, the type of worlds that I’d read about in science fiction and fantasy novels made real, and most of all, interactive.

That said, you’ll have to pry my PC game collection from my cold, dead hands. Where else but on a PC can you get the widest range of game experiences, the hardware to power high refresh rate or high-resolution gaming (or both!),

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Blog Article Gadgets Gaming MMORPG MOBA Motorcycle News Photograph Science Strategy

Some of the best tech toys to keep your cats from ripping your furniture

By now, you have probably read my review of the Cheerble Board Game for cats. But what other techy treats are on the market to prevent kitty from climbing the curtains? Well, funnily enough, there’s absolutely loads of fun stuff for your furry friend to spend some time playing. We all know cats love to hunt, so if you’d like to avoid having to explain to your elderly neighbor why her budgerigar is in your cat’s gob.

From automatic laser games to sentient balls, there are so many choices for you to entertain your fluffy house-ruler. But which ones are the best to keep their claws out of the carpet? You can’t always be there for playtime and a bored kitten means mischief.

In an effort to save your sofa and your sanity, we’ve rounded up a bunch of the best tech toys for cats. Here’s what we found

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VIDEO: Israelis 3D print an entire airplane and test pad

A team of Israeli students have completed a maiden voyage of a 3D printed airplane. The big idea is to find a way to redesign aircraft of the future so they are more fuel efficient and less damaging to the planet. Now all they need to do is scale up the model and partner up with the Swiss team that flies solar and they might have a match made in eco-heaven. Aviation needs greening, says moonshot seeker Geoffrey Lipman, founder of a new organization to scout for solutions in the industry. 

Solar powered plane (finally) completes round-the-world flight

The Israeli solution is not just a plane, but a test pad for testing new ideas: their A3TB – Active Aeroelastic Aircraft Testbed – is an experimental platform for studying phenomena related to wing flexibility and future flexible aircraft design that are eco friendly, says the team. 

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Which file systems can Android read?

Mobile devices running Android are great, but the internal storage space can fill up pretty quickly if you’re a heavy user. That will leave you with a decision to make, rely on cloud services, or find compatible external storage devices.

If you decide that you need external storage because you don’t want to rely on network connectivity, first make sure your Android device can use the storage you want. Many phones don’t have microSD card slots anymore, and some don’t work with external USB drives without a thing called an OTG adapter.

Even once you get that part right, you might not be able to see your external storage device in your Android File Manager, because Android can’t read some of the file system formats that are used on external drives.

So, what file system types can Android read?

Short Answer: FAT32, Ext3, Ext4, exFAT (on newer devices)


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Biofriendly’s fuel additive makes dirty fuel burn cleaner

Until we all own one of these, getting cleaner fuel at the pump should be on your radar.

Okay the electrified Tesla you are dreaming about doesn’t exactly match your budget thanks to layoffs or a reduced workload from COVID-19. And there are fewer cars on the road –– at least until this summer, likely, when everyone will want to head to the hills to get out of their cramped apartments or suburban routine. Newspapers like the New York Times are estimating an upswing in road travel and local vacations this summer as flying will be challenging, and international travel uncertain. 

Energy transition fuel before we all go electric

So there you are in your 2001 Honda Civic wondering if your car will last longer than the plague. Yes you want something better, your car and your reality, but this is what you have. Now when you are filling up Read more