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11 Google Search Hacks and Tips You Need to Know

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There are ways you can use Google more efficiently. You should check out some of our best Google search hacks by clicking here.

Google is the largest search engine and it handles 91% of all Internet queries.

It answers 3.5 billion searches per day and the average search lasts under a minute. Its index holds hundreds of billions of pages yet Google delivers results in 0.2 seconds.

You probably use Google Search every day but did you know you can make it work smarter and faster?

This article reveals the top 11 tips and tricks to make your Googling great. From advanced search techniques to Google search hacks, we uncover the best ways to use everyone’s favorite search engine.

Advanced Search

Google’s Advanced Search console lets you break down exactly what you want to find. You can filter by language, exclude explicit results, check website usage

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Ten years later, I finally understand why people like Audible

A few months back, right when COVID-19 started forcing everyone indoors, I started using my extra time to work on my life. Nothing major, but just little things to improve me and my digital wellbeing. First, it was taking a hard look at the subscriptions I was paying for and, more recently, using the Calm app to help with my sleep issues.

Now, I’m working to address something that I’ve ignored in recent years – reading books. As a writer, I know that reading books can be a great help in creativity, inspiration, and more, but with life being life books have been one thing I have put on the backburner for far too long.

While I haven’t been doing much in terms of actually reading, I’m finally seeing what all the hype is when it comes to audiobooks. I’ve always been opposed to them, never really understanding the hype.

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7 Ways of Reducing Your Business Expenses in 2020

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If your business has been crushed under the weight of your own business expenses, then it’s the right time for you take a change. Costs are the ones that matter and when I say it does it does. In its infancy most of the business organizations do not even know where and how their money is being spent. And as the business continues to grow they do find themselves no longer able to watch as closely as every dollar is being spent. Given below are the 6 major different ways of reducing your business expenses.

Go Paperless

Seek out different ways that could help you reduce the business reliance on paper-based methods, as documentation is one of the most important ways that could help you save your money. Research studies have shown that close to 40% of the paper copying is thrown away within 24 hours before

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Kami Wireless Outdoor Cam – for the price, you can’t beat it

The Good

Completely wireless

Super simple to get up and running

Excellent battery life

It’s generously affordable

The Bad

The app can get glitchy at times

False positives could be a problem, depending where you have the camera mounted

No smart home integration

I’m not going to lie, one of the main reasons why I’ve never installed an outdoor cam is because I’ve always figured it was a complicated process. Things like running a wire to the camera. Drilling holes into my house. Finding a place where the camera can access my WiFi network. You know, that whole shebang. Really, it just sounds like a massive project. There’s a reason why I’m a tech blogger and not someone who installs security systems for a living.

So when I stumbled across this $89 Kami Wireless Outdoor Cam, a company spokesperson for YI told me I didn’t have to worry about

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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Review

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The chances are that you have underestimated the importance of backing up your data. Most people only learn it the hard way, when they’re forced to choose a reliable method of file recovery.

Moreover, it’s only after we lose sensitive information that we understand the importance of a data recovery software that could accelerate the process without losing data.

In case one does not have data backed up already, there is powerful data recovery software that can do the job.  The MiniTool Power Data Recovery scans deeply and restores data for both Windows and Mac. However, not every data recovery software is the same, they come with varying levels of success.

Product Attributes

MiniTool Data Recovery tool is an on-premise software solution designed for data recovery services. It helps in recovering deleted files and formatted and lost data from hard drives, SSD, USB, memory cards, and other

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