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The best water-resistant wireless earbuds for your workout

Anyone who exercises will tell you it is almost impossible without music. However, how are you going to listen to your music if your sweat gets into your earbuds? That moisture can cause lasting damage. It could even cause your earbuds to stop working completely. So how do you get around that? Why, you pick some water-resistant earbuds, of course!

Fortunately, earbud brands know that water can destroy your expensive buds if it gets inside the casing. Many brands position their earbuds with exercise in mind. So, being the helpful little soul that I am, I’ve rounded up some of the best budget options when it comes to water-resistant wireless earbuds. Check this little lot out.

Image: KnowTechie

The EarFun Air earbuds have recently been reviewed by Matthew here at KnowTechie, so if you want a full description then check that out. In summary, though, these are great headphones

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Who cares about the Force when Star Wars: Squadrons has bobbleheads?

I’m a sucker for tchotchkes in cockpits. The idea of customizing the console of my long-haul truck or P-51 Mustang with stickers, fuzzy dice, or pictures makes me warm all over. The king of useless dashboard toys is the bobblehead, and I love slapping one down in a high-performance vehicle. Put one in a No […]

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How Tech Can Help Your New Business

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In a digital world, you won’t find a new business that isn’t using technology to its advantage. If you’re not optimizing tech to its full effect, then you’re missing out on crucial opportunities for your business to learn, grow, and make a substantial profit. Some companies operate entirely dependent on the digital world, after all.

So how exactly can tech help your new business?

You Can Back Up Your Data Securely

Data is everything, and if you’re taking the time to set up your business from scratch, then you need to ensure that all your initial hard work will not be lost. Securing your data and information when you’re initially setting up your business is key to ethical practices and keeping track of your data – as well as protecting your new business from outside threats.

The right technology, such as devices with Cloud backup capabilities, will

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Will your computer boot without a graphics card installed?

If your computer suddenly won’t boot, it’s time for some troubleshooting to figure out the problem. Most guides tell you to take everything but the CPU and one stick of memory out, to see if it boots. That lets you rule out parts like your storage drives and more, but what if the problem is something else?

What if it’s your graphics card that you suspect is giving you issues? How do you boot your computer to test that, without having another graphics card on hand? Can you even boot your computer without a graphics card installed?

So, can you boot your PC without a graphics card?

Short answer: Yes, but don’t expect to see anything on your monitor

See, there’s a reason that your graphics card has the word ‘graphics’ in the name. It provides the signal out to your monitor, so while you can technically boot your PC

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What and Why should be Using White Label SEO Services for your Business?

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White label SEO makes things a little easier: Instead of buying content piecemeal and individually, SEO white label services offer to get a package of optimized content for your website. With this kind of digital marketing, anyone can have an SEO bundle around certain keywords.

In some cases, these SEO packages include free backlinks to your site, and backlinks are a great way to generate additional traffic.

Companies that Offer White Label Services

Digital marketing companies of all kinds, including companies that specialize in delivering Internet content, offer SEO white label services that make it easier for you to optimize the keywords on your website to generate more traffic and increase your chances of being included in search engines (including the all-important Google).

They often offer free templates and SEO suggestions that give customers a good idea of what they will get. Some even offer free backlinks

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