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Are there crossplay games that PC and PlayStation 4 players can play?

While Microsoft has wholeheartedly embraced crossplay, where PC players can play on the same servers as Xbox owners, Sony has been dragging its heels for some time with the PlayStation 4. That changed in 2018, with Fortnite getting crossplay servers, followed closely by Rocket League in 2019.

Now, Sony has opened up the crossplay code for all developers that want to use it, and PS4 owners and PC owners can finally play together. Well, at least if the game they’re wanting to play supports it.

So, are there any games PC players can play with PS4 owners?

Short answer: Yes, but not many

While Microsoft has taken great strides to enable cross-play, Sony came late to the party. Originally only supporting crossplay for a small number of developers, in 2019 Sony made it so that any developer could implement crossplay into their games.

Here’s the current state of

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Blog Article Gadgets Gaming MMORPG MOBA Motorcycle News Photograph Science Strategy

Cox throttled a neighborhood’s internet after one user’s “excessive usage”

When you get an unlimited internet package, you would think that meant unlimited internet, right? Well, in the case of at least one Cox cable customer, that just simply isn’t the case and apparently the customer’s whole neighborhood is now being affected by this customer’s usage.

In a report from Ars Technica, Mike (last name withheld), who pays $150 a month for a Cox cable package that includes 1Gbps download and 35Mbps upload ($100) and “unlimited data” ($50), was recently made aware that their internet usage exceeded what was acceptable.

According to the report, Mike’s internet usage is pretty typical during normal hours, but from 1am to around 8am, their usage goes up substantially for backups and “data sharing via various (encrypted) information-sharing protocols.” Mike chose these times because typically the networks are not as busy and it would lessen the effect (if there are any) on neighbors’

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What are the best Android games that work with Bluetooth controllers?

With over 340,000 mobile gaming apps in the Google Play Store, it might be difficult to figure out what to play. That task is even harder if you want to use your favorite Bluetooth controller, as there’s no easy way to search for controller-supported games.

You’d think that in 2020, Google would have a specific filter for those games that have controller support. They don’t, and even searching for “controller support” doesn’t give you the full list, as some games don’t mention controller support anywhere on the game page.

You could use the game lists from things like the Nvidia Shield, but that doesn’t always work as there are many exclusives on their storefront that the normal Google Play Store doesn’t have. We’ve taken some of that searching upon ourselves, and here are some of our favorite Android games with controller support.

So, what are the best games with

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Anker’s PowerExpand Direct 7-in-2 is a must-have for Mac owners

The Good



Looks good

Sufficient amount of ports

The Bad

More USB-A ports would have been nice

Once upon a time, laptops came with ports. A lot of them. But then USB-C burst onto the scene, replacing specialized inputs like HDMI with a one-size-fits-all approach that does everything. Suddenly, if you wanted to connect your pricey workstation to an external monitor, or attach some wired peripherals like a keyboard, you had to get a dongle.

Most dongles are inconvenient. They hang loosely to the side of your laptop, getting in the way, and adding to the already-burdensome amount of clutter on your desk. But Anker’s snappily-named PowerExpand Direct 7-in-2 USB-C PD Media Hub is different.

This hub is compatible with pretty much every MacBook Pro released after 2016, as well as every MacBook Air released after 2018. Ultimately, these are devices with their own differing dimensions and thicknesses

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Can you sue someone for embedding your Instagram post? Maybe

If you’ve ever had a website or blog embed one of your Instagram posts on their website, you may be able to sue them for using it without your permission. That’s according to an ongoing lawsuit between Newsweek and a photographer, after the company embedded one of their Instagram posts on their website.

As reported by Ars Technica, Newsweek had originally asked for permission to use the photo without the embed, but after being turned down, they chose to use Instagram’s embed feature to display the image. Now, the legality of that is in question, with Instagram seemingly siding with its users and the artists that post original content on the Facebook-owned social platform.

In a statement to Ars, a Facebook spokesperson notes: “While our terms allow us to grant a sub-license, we do not grant one for our embeds API. Our platform policies require third parties

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