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Does Valve’s Steam Deck have a touchscreen?

Valve has burst onto the handheld gaming scene with the reveal of the Steam Deck. The Steam Deck is a powerful handheld gaming PC that Valve has created to bring the Steam library to the palm of your hands.

As the hype surrounding Valve’s new console continues to grow, people are wanting to learn all they can about the new console. As with the release of any new console, expectations are high and gamers can’t wait to get their hands on the Steam Deck.

We do know that the Steam Deck will come with a 7″ 1280×800 screen that is optimized for gaming in 720p. The console will have a modified version of the SteamOS installed on it, but will you be able to navigate it via a touchscreen?

Does the Steam Deck have a touch screen?

Short answer: Yes

The Steam Deck does, in fact, come with a fully functional touchscreen. In fact, the touchscreen is likely an integral part of the version of SteamOS that will be installed on the Steam Deck.

Of course, the device has input on the sides in the form of controller-like joysticks and even some touchpads that will likely imitate mouse movements.

The touchscreen will likely be used for other UI purposes such as keyboards for search bars. Who knows, the device may even allow you to use the touchscreen as control inputs for games. Who knows what developers will be able to do with the Steam Deck in mind.

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