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E-Brochure Design or Print Brochure – Which One is Better? – Information Technology Blog

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Technology has helped us eliminate paper and shift to virtual means for sharing information. An e-brochure is one such example of technology for sustainability. E-brochures have not only helped nature but they have also helped us reach customers effectively.

Sharing brochures and sending them across distances has become way easier with e-brochures. It is not much different in the design layout of a print brochure or an e-brochure. However, they reach people and prospective leads through social media platforms, emails, search engines, and many more.

Why do we use brochures?

Brochures are lightweight and easy to distribute

A print brochure can be easily distributed at the location of the target population. They are easy to carry and you can hire a person to distribute the brochures. On the other hand, an e-brochure is easily downloadable and can be sent from one person to another with ease.

Brochures are a cost-optimized marketing strategy

Both e-brochures and print brochures are budget-friendly. All you need to do is research the market and look for your target population pool. E-brochures will also save your print costs.

Brochures build more trust

Brochures help people connect and visualize your business vision. The images, texts, and brochure aesthetics will connect you well with the leads effectively.

A brochure is a significant source of information.

Right from college information to a nearby restaurant, a brochure will help you get the right information from the authorized sources.

Types of brochures

A brochure can be classified on the basis of multiple factors.

E-brochures or print brochures

A brochure can be classified on the basis of a print or virtual brochure. Both these brochures have their advantages and disadvantages. However, most brands use a combination of both these types.

Types of brochure folds

  1. Open gate brochure

An open gate brochure will fold towards the inner sides and are easy to carry. They are compact due to inner folds. These folds help display restaurant menus, products, designs, and more.

  1. Bi-fold brochure

A bi-fold brochure has four sections. There is a cover page, a back page, and two main content pages. A Brochure Design Firm has the required intellectual skills and experience to determine the distribution of content on the brochure

  1. Tri-fold brochure

A tri-fold brochure is similar to the bi-fold one. It has six pages and can accommodate more information.

  1. Flyers

Flyers are single page leaflets of information. The product or service information is distributed over the two sides only. A flyer gives the least information but if designed properly, it can be the most effective marketing strategy.

Advantages of e-brochures

Easy modifications

E-brochures are easy to modify. You can update the latest work images, change the prices, services, and more with the help of simple customization.  A Brochure Design Firm has the expertise to make quick changes. A brand that concentrates on designing and regular product or service updates, can hire their inhouse brochure designing team to help update regularly.

Reduced Cost

An e-brochure is budget-friendly. All you need to do is hire brochure designers and inform them about your demands. Once these designing demands are met, you can review the brochure and send them through a planned marketing campaign.

Quicker response

A digital brochure can facilitate a better and quicker response. E-brochures can be sent to specific people and their responses can be monitored. If the response is not satisfactory, then you can modify the brochure design.

Safe for the environment

Virtual brochures are safe for the environment. Paper wastage can be eliminated completely with e-brochures. The outcome of marketing campaigns are much better than print brochures too.

Can be accessed anywhere and anytime

The e-brochure can be sent and received by people spread worldwide. Unlike print brochures, you do not need to manually distribute the brochures. Transportation charges and print charges can be eliminated for e-brochures.

More flexibility

E-brochures have varying designs and themes that can be adopted. Moreover, they can be modified for different target groups. The texts and images can be changed as per age, language, and other criteria.

Regular updating

The e-brochures can be updated regularly. Unlike print brochures, you do not need to invest time in printing and transport. All you need to do is update the design, texts, or images and send it to the respective target groups. Product prices, discounts, service costs, privileges, offers, and more can be regularly updated with the e-brochure. Regular updating also helps you display your latest work easily.

Directly accessible links

The e-brochure can provide directly accessible links. All you need to do is paste the website links, google map links, product description, web page links, and other relevant links wherever applicable. A click to call or email button can also be integrated into the e-brochure.

An e-brochure is a much better option than print brochures. However, it also depends on your target population. If your leads are senior citizens or people who do not have access to the internet easily, an e-brochure is not a feasible option. Moreover, for a brand that does not have an online presence, an e-brochure is not a convenient option. Most brochure designers provide their expertise and are trained for designing print brochures as well as e-brochures.