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Elon Musk slams Apple’s App Store fees as a “tax” on the internet

Elon Musk, the extremely normal billionaire who wants you to think he’s just “one of the guys,” is tweeting again. This time to chime in on how Apple’s App Store fees are a “tax” on the internet.

This is in regards to the ongoing Apple vs Epic lawsuit, where two billion-dollar companies are fighting to see if Apple’s App Store fees are fair or if other companies should be allowed to bypass those through their own platforms on Apple devices.

Because the new FSD subscriptions through Tesla’s Apple app will be affected by this, Musk hopped onto his iPhone to unleash this tweet:

Apple maintains that it is not a monopoly and that developers who aren’t happy with its cut can go elsewhere.

Admittedly, the whole situation is murky and while developers could do that, they would be missing out on a huge audience. US iPhone activations alone now make up 50% of all smartphone activations in the US.

Regardless, Elon Musk calling App Store fees a “de facto global tax” just doesn’t hold much water, regardless if Epic Games is right or not.

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