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How to mute someone on Facebook

As you find yourself browsing across the various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook you come across all different kinds of people. There are those old friends from high school or those people you met during your time spent overseas. Facebook is one of the best ways to keep up with people you’ve met along your journey.

It’s also full of insufferable imbeciles who’ve been given a platform with a sense of anonymity who say and do things online that most sensible people recognize as insane. Fortunately, Facebook has a few tools to handle these types of people.

In addition to full-on blocking profiles, Facebook gives users the ability to mute a person’s posts either for a 30 day period or until you chose to see them again. Muting profiles let you remain friends with that person, so they won’t have to know. This feature is very useful but isn’t necessarily that easy to find. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

How to mute a profile on Facebook

Facebook’s mute tool is a great way to get rid of those posts from your annoying uncle and his outrageous political views without having to worry about any backlash at the family reunion.

To start, you’ll have to find that person’s post on your feed:

  1. Find a post from the intended individual on your News Feed

  2. Select the three-dot menu at the top right

  3. Choose snooze for 30 days or unfollowhow to mute people on facebook

And that’s it! The snooze for 30 days option will mean you will see posts from that person again in 30 days, while the unfollow option will require you to re-follow before you see posts from that person in your Facebook News Feed again.

Neither of these options will notify the person that you chose to mute, so there’s no need to worry about any potential drama. You can also easily undo the mute from that same post if you accidentally mute the wrong profile.

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